6 Vegan Leather Bags I Need to Be Talked Out of Buying

Pretty tempting picks, even though I've got nowhere to go and nothing to do.

As my targeted Instagram and Facebook ads will surely tell you, I have been combing the internet for vegan leather bags. I’m dreaming of days when I’ll be out and about, buzzing from place to place with all my choice belongings in tow. For now, I’m working and exercising and eating and virtual socializing at home, and buying a new bag to bring snacks from the kitchen to the office (a grand 11 steps, I just counted!) is probably a bad idea. But a girl can dream.

1. Lambert’s Charlie Mini Backpack

Full disclosure: I’m not really a purse gal. I’d much rather sling a backpack over my shoulder Dora-the-Explorer-style and call it a day. The versatility in this new bag from Montreal-based Lambert is a major plus—the adjustable straps can be worn three ways (and yes, one of them is a backpack). The Charlie Mini also comes in five colours: sunset, sand, black, tan and oasis (pictured above).

It’s not quite big enough for a laptop (and it’s not like I’m traveling for work) but it’s just the right size for a wallet, phone, keys and hand sani. You know, the essentials.

$125, designlambert.com

2. Poppy Barley’s Convertible Belt Bag

Another purse that isn’t really a purse! This bag from Edmonton-based Poppy Barley is made from a cactus leather called Laguaro. It can be worn over the shoulder or as a belt (yes, okay, a fanny pack, but this is much more chic than you average amusement park money holder). The folks at Poppy Barley have a pretty impressive (and transparent) description of how all of their products are ethically made—there’s more info on each one of their solar-powered factories in Mexico here.

$158, poppybarley.com

3. Matt & Nat’s Adelsm Small Satchel

I definitely have enough black bags (I say to myself over and over again as I scour the internet for more), so this colourful little pick from Matt and Nat would be a welcome addition to my collection. This one also has a detachable crossbody strap—hands-free so I can do things like wash my hands and not touch my face.

$135, mattandnat.com

4. Lark and Ives’ The Perfect Tote Mini

This structured tote is definitely going to elevate my athleisure. (An ensemble that goes from not doing yoga to not going to a party! The dream!)  Inside pockets keep all those essentials safe, and there’s even an option to have handwritten personalization in gold foil. Which is extra, but I love it. No recognizes me in my mask—so talk to the bag.

$170, larkandives.com

5. Espe’s Emma Bag

Toronto-based Espe makes their bags from a vegan leather called Poly Urethane. Their products, in particular, really look like real leather—and it’s hard to go wrong with a classic. I love the size of their Emma bag for a park hangout… I think it’s just large enough to fit, say, a bottle of wine.

$85, espe.ca

6. Fossil’s Felicity Tote

Speaking of classic, this simple tote will do the trick for almost all events, pandemic times or not. It has a pen holder, a zip pocket, and two side pockets inside. Another good sign—the Felicity tote has great reviews (19 out of 25 people rated it 5 stars on Fossil’s site). Okay, it’s also on sale. Nobody panic.

$89, fossil.com