Add to Cart: A Luxurious Loungewear Set That Cements My Commitment to Comfort

Death to denim!

It’s always nice when a brand shares your values. And my values right now are “no denim, no waistbands, no buttons.” Yes, the deepest, darkest part of the pandemic is over and I am venturing out into the world on a regular basis again, which theoretically should mean putting away the leggings and sweats that have been my daily uniform for this work-from-home, happy-hour-from-home era and embracing a return to more structured clothing, but, hoo boy, it’s hard to go back.

A recent visit to the Kit and Ace Gastown flagship (which is reopening now after being closed through the pandemic) helped me realize, though, that I’m not alone. “We’ve seen a real need for being comfortable at home,” says head of product Gina Gotch.

When the brand (the brainchild of Shannon and J.J. Wilson) fell under new ownership a few years back, it also pivoted its focus: away from luxury and towards elevated basics. So when the pandemic hit, the company was well positioned to serve up the demand for comfort-wear, with its racks of four-way stretch pants and super-soft tees in timeless neutrals.

And even as our slow return to normal-ish begins, Kit and Ace’s commitment to lounging in style is staying firm. So with them in my corner, I’m ready to shout it from the rooftop: Just because we can wear jeans again doesn’t mean we need to. And if loungewear isn’t just a temporary adjustment but a whole new way of life going forward, I think that means I can justify a little wardrobe investment. I’ve got my eye on the brushed French terry Good Feels set ($158) and Merino wool luxury lounge set ($348—coming soon!).

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Yes, it’s pricier than my current combo of Uniqlo leggings and sketch-comedy-festival sweatshirt, but if I’m ready to commit to the tailoring-free lifestyle, I may as well do it in buttery soft fabrics designed to last me through whatever pandemic comes next. Or ensconced in the floor-length All Day faux-down puffer ($268) that’s the cornerstone of the Fall 2021 collection—if you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a sleeping bag to dinner (and I mean that as a compliment), this is your chance.

Vive le stretch fabrics!