Add to Cart: Zinc-Infused Underwear That’s Not a Scam

It’s hard to tell the fabulous from the fearmongering when it comes to this stuff.

Add to Cart is Vanmag’s weekly style column, in which assistant editor Alyssa Hirose offers honest takes on current trends, local designs, and whatever new clothes/jewellery/shoes she’s talking herself into (or out of) buying.

“Mineral underwear” sounds goopy. Sorry—I mean Goopy, as in, an extraordinarily expensive luxury item that’s marketed as an essential wellness product based on little to no scientific evidence. For example, psychic vampire repellent (to repel… psychic vampires?) or $83 jade eggs that aren’t for eating. Vancouver-based Huha’s zinc-infused undies are marketed as being better for vaginal health than regular underwear. Suspicious, right?

I’ve always been torn on this. On the one hand, it seems like it might be cashing in on media-perpetuated insecurities. Kind of like how razor companies praise hairless skin and then offer you the tools to get there. Vaginas are beautiful! Except yours is kind of funky. But no fear, our product will cure you.

On the other hand, women’s health (or rather, people with vaginas—vaginistas? I’m workshopping) is so often pushed to the wayside. Huha says that the zinc oxide in their underwear prevents bacteria growth—a legit problem—and is soothing on the skin. I’d hate to dismiss something like this if it does have actual benefits, and reinvention isn’t always bad. So I think it’s fair to give Huha’s zinc-infused underwear a chance.

Two important things:

  1. The folks at Huha gifted me this underwear after I wrote founder Alexa Suter’s 30 Under 30 story in BCBusiness magazine.
  2. That was over a year ago, so they’ve been tested to the max—washed multiple times, worn while exercising and lounging around, etc.

The verdict? They’re great. From a fashion perspective, they’re very cute. From a fit perspective, even the thong is comfortable. And from a vaginista perspective, they’re a game-changer. Before trying these, I had pretty much accepted that a general unpleasantness in the crotch area was inevitable. It’s a delicate environment to keep sealed in all day. These undies really do make a difference: the zinc-infused fabric crafted from beech and eucalyptus makes it all easy, all breezy down there. Especially compared to the rest of my collection, which I am realizing is basically synthetic garbage. You’d think anything “infused” would wear down after a year of use, but I’ve washed the Huha undies in my machine and air-dried them many times and they’re still the best underwear I have. They have stretched out a little, which is to be expected.

Huha is actually celebrating their first official birthday today, which I didn’t know before writing this (unless their Instagram ads have truly brainwashed me, which is totally possible). They’re still a baby business, but they’re killing it—besides my positive review, they have many others.

I’d still call them a luxury item—a 3-pack of the Mineral Cheeky undies is $85, or about $28 each. Victoria’s Secret sells Body by Victoria panties in sets of 3 for $53 ($18 each) and Lululemon’s Mid-Rise thongs are $48 for 3 ($16 each). I think the trick for mineral underwear is that you don’t need to replace your whole collection. Huha’s undies are great for working out or wearing on hot days (or if you just want to feel extra comfy) but it’s not financially feasible for most of us to totally nix the synthetic life.

Buying local and small is almost always more expensive than big international brands. In this case, I think the extra $10 a pair is worth it. It’ll certainly get you further than psychic vampire repellent. Vaginistas, treat yourself.

The Look: Huha’s Mineral Cheeky undies
The Price: $85 for a 3-pack
Where to Find it:
Where to Wear it: On a North Van hike, drinking bubble tea at the beach, lounging in your beautiful bed with crisp white sheets and houseplants galore