Denim-Loving Ladies, Rejoice: Duer Just Launched a New Women’s Line

Pants for all!

Pants for all!

If you popped by VanMag HQ and asked our food editor for a restaurant recommendation, you likely wouldn’t get one definitive answer out of him—Neal would likely have a wide-ranging list of worth-it splurges, new buzzy spots, and a thousand fried chicken joints to divulge. But if you happened to query him about his denim preferences, the answer would be singular and definitive: Duer forever.

While his recommendations are usually spot on, the Duer proselytizing has had a bit of roadblock: if you’re a lady, chances are, these pants aren’t for you. Sure, there was sister brand Dish available in the same store, but I always felt like my fellow denim-ettes and I were getting a bit of the short stick. The Vancouver-based Duer line has consistently been the market leader for high-stretch, breathable, durable pants; the company was founded by an engineer, for goodness sake. Dish pants are nice, but can I wear them rock-climbing? (Have I ever been rock-climbing? No. But maybe I just haven’t had the right pants for it, okay?! Get off my back!)

Duer’s new women’s line is flexible enough for the gym.

But lo, today Duer brings us a Women’s Day Eve Miracle with the announcement of its new line of women’s styles. The same proprietary fabric Neal won’t stop bragging about is now being whipped up into lady-proportioned skinny jeans, slim-straight performance pants and joggers. Unlike the Dish line, these triple-stitched pieces feature Duer’s signature gusset (that extra piece of fabric in the crotch area to aid stretch and mobility) and a silvadur treatment (to kill bacteria and prevent odour).

Just like the men’s line, these pants are supposed to be 5x stretchier than standard denim, as well as 30 percent lighter and stronger. I wore a pair of the skinnies to a boxing class and they were totally comfortable. (Have I ever boxed before? No. But see what happens when you put a young woman in performance wear? She can pretend for 40 minutes to be an athlete!) They’re also a great thing to wear as I’m waiting patiently for someone to come into the office and ask me for a restaurant recommendation or about my favourite made-in-Vancouver pants. I’m ready and waiting and stretching frequently: come at me.

Performance denim skinny and slim straight, $139; Live Lite jogger pants, $130.