Doodle Your Way to the Bank with Vans’ Shoe Design Contest

Get tips on designing award-winning kicks at this Vancouver workshop.

If you’ve ever wished someone could walk a mile in your shoes, now’s your chance. Vans has launched Global Custom Culture, a shoe customization contest that could put your doodles on the feet of thousands of people. Artists can download the template and then customize it digitally or print it out old-school style.

The competition is worldwide, but Vancouver participants can get expert hints (plus some collaborative inspo) from a Creative Workshop at the Granville Street Vans store. The workshop, held on this Saturday, September 14 at noon will be hosted by WKNDRS, a Vancouver-based skate brand known for their sassy pins and patches.

Three winners get $25,000 USD (that’s 33,000 loonies, folks) plus an opportunity to partner with Vans to donate another $100,000 to a charity that champions creativity.

So open up photoshop or crack that crayon box—and doodle for those dolla dolla bills. Plus worldwide recognition and the pride of a job well-done, of course.

Vans Global Custom Culture Shoe Design Workshop

Saturday, September 14 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
772 Granville Street