Givers and Takers Creates Daring Denim

Local handmade apparel brand Givers and Takers is suiting up to impress.

Jennifer Ng says she doesn’t have any formal training in fashion—besides a few sewing courses, most of her schooling was in interior design. But she’s always had a love for clothing, and she quickly shifted her focus from interiors to apparel when she moved from the Philippines to Vancouver in 2019.

Black kimono worn
With her background in interior design, Jennifer Ng designed her clothing line Givers and Takers to have an architectural vibe.

“I used to be a really avid shopper when I was younger,” Ng admits, “but now I’m a lot more conscious about my consumption.” She began to value quality over quantity in her own closet, and translated those ethics into her slow-fashion brand Givers and Takers.

Jennifer Ng of Givers and Takers
Jennifer Ng of Givers and Takers.

Ng’s handmade denim clothing embraces minimalism while striving for a specific structure and form—the striking shapes, clean lines and restrained colour palette give her garments an architectural vibe (so yes, that interior design background is still coming through). Her work is inspired, in part, by suits: “When you suit up, all of a sudden you look so impressive—I’m bringing that quality into my clothing in a more modern way,” she explains.

The Mount Pleasant-based designer loves 100-percent cotton denim for its tactility and sturdy construction, and each of her shirts, kimonos, dresses and playsuits embraces the unique fabric. She’s a mindful material girl.

The cropped shrug worn
The cropped shrug ($200) challenges everything you know about a “basic” shirt: it may be minimal, but it’s a statement piece.