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Mejuri Dropped a Zodiac Collection Just in Time for You Self-Obsessed Leos

The Vancouver store offers a different gold necklace for every sign.

Is it kind of obnoxious to wear your zodiac sign around your neck? Yes. But is it also the perfect present for an egocentric Leo? Also yes. 

Obviously, star signs are more complex than that—I’m aware that not all Leos love being the centre of attention and not all Virgos are virgins or whatever. I’m also aware that some folks take astrology very seriously and others believe it’s all crap. 

Mejuri Zodiac Collection 2Mejuri’s Leo pendant (it’s Leo season, FYI).

But regardless of how passionate you are about your sign, it’s hard to argue with style, and Mejuri’s new zodiac collection is pretty darn chic. The gold vermeil necklaces feature constellations—actual star signs!—made of white sapphire that are more subtle than other zodiac symbols out there. (Symbols which are importantly rooted in history but more importantly are bizarre and confusing. No Capricorn wants a sea goat necklace, just like no Scorpio wants to be asked who the M stands for.) 

The constellations were a pretty and understated choice, right in line with the rest of Mejuri’s fine jewellery. The pendant necklaces are now available online (and at the new Kitsilano storefront) for $128. 

Mejuri Zodiac CollectionMejuri’s Gemini pendant.

Personally, I’m happy to pick and choose which parts of my zodiac sign I feel align with me (extroverted, smart, creative) and which don’t (moody, judgmental, anxious). Maybe that’s hypocritical of me. I’m a Gemini, by the way—I might have two faces, but I still have only one neck.