On the Rise: Atelier Solana is Bringing Crochet Fashion to the Mainstream

Atelier Solana’s modern crocheted fashion represents a new generation of knitwear.

The practice of crocheting is more than 200 years old, but trendsetters are challenging the belief that these pieces reflect a bygone era or an outdated silhouette: in fact, most modern “cottagecore” knitwear would make your grandma blush.

If learning to crochet during the pandemic didn’t quite work out for you, there’s always the Pia Cardigan ($796, above) to turn to. The vintage-inspired sweater is pure grandma-kitsch cool, but made from super-soft Peruvian wool.

But new trends mean new waste, and as fast-fashion brands pump out the latest knitted halter top by the thousands, garbage is inevitable. Then, there’s Atelier Solana—the Vancouver-based knitwear label that’s handmaking heirloom-quality fashion. Slowly.

Vancouver-based Atelier Solana embraces the texture of traditional crochet.

Tessa Kassinger is the creator behind the crochet hooks: she makes every one of her pieces to order. Her dainty tank tops, cropped sweaters and cozy cardigans weren’t specifically designed to suit the cottagecore craze. “I just make things that I would wear and love myself,” she says. “My work is feminine and minimal, but keeps those classic, more whimsical vibes.”


This cheeky Constance set (top: $357; skirt: $535) from Atelier Solana puts a skin-baring twist on cottagecore.

Kassinger says she learned how to crochet at her local library when she was a child and picked up the art again just a few years ago. “It really helped me with anxiety,” she explains. “I was always scrolling on my phone while watching Netflix on my laptop, and it was not good for me mentally. Having something to occupy my hands really helped.” Plus, she’s turning a ball of yarn into a beautiful, bespoke piece: something that’s made to be timeless, not trendy.

(Pictured) founder Tessa Kassinger

This story was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Vancouver Magazine.