On the Rise: Decade Jeans Make a Hip Homecoming

This denim fits—and that’s not a stretch.

Decade co-founders and Vancouverites Molly Spittal, Matthew Atkinstall, Morgan Ellis and Ezra Kish realize that the fit of your jeans should in part depend on, well, your genes. “Denim isn’t really made to fit curvy people without any stretch,” says Spittal, the team’s creative director. The four launched the clothing brand in Montreal in spring 2019, introducing bodies of all shapes and sizes to “ratio fit” denim, which takes into account the difference between the wearer’s hip and waist measurements. “We’re here for the curvy girls,” Spittal laughs.

The brand was a hit out east, but late last year the team made the move back to Vancouver. “To be completely honest, we couldn’t handle the winter anymore,” says Spittal. “And we’re so thrilled to be back.” Spittal designs Decade’s 100-percent cotton jeans in Chinatown, and they’re made by a family-run production team in Portugal. The no-frills, no-whiskering and no-sandblasting designs allow wearers to make their own mark on the denim—and the temperate West Coast (which Spittal nicknames “denim central”) is here for it.