On the Rise: Meet the Vancouver Brand Making Zinc-Infused Underwear

Mineral undies from Vancouver-based Huha are basics that battle bacteria.

Alexa Suter is used to naysayers: an introduction to her company’s zinc-infused mineral underwear is often met with raised eyebrows. “I think there is a lot of fabric technology out there that is BS,” she admits with a laugh. “But our customers have seen the transformation.” Suter’s intimates brand, Huha, has a growing cult following of people who love the all-natural, zinc-oxide-infused undies. “Zinc is used in diaper cream and body lotion, and to treat eczema and other skin sensitivities,” she explains, adding that the mineral is known for its bacteria- and odour-eliminating properties. So why not underwear?

Vancouverite Alexa Suter is making a statement both in fashion and in feminine health with her zinc-infused underwear brand, Huha.

Huha doesn’t shy away from the not-so-delightful realities of intimate wear: Suter’s goods are made to reduce the bacteria that is associated with yeast infections and UTIs, and her company’s spring 2022 launch of a collection of antibacterial mineral bras was met with enthusiasm, especially by folks who are breastfeeding. In addition to using modern material technology, the brand also addresses traditional design flaws (for example, stitching through the crotch—Huha’s gussets are seamless and wider than average to avoid “lip slips”).

Okay, so the minerals work—but for how long? As Huha’s fabric is spun, the zinc oxide is embedded right into the material. It’s been tested to withstand over 100 washes, so you can toss those undies directly into the machine.

With coverage options from thongs to boxers, each available in multiple neutral tones, the ultra-comfy undies look like a no-fuss basic—but they’re working hard down there. “We are always looking at things through the lens of feminine health,” says Suter. “We want our community to feel acknowledged and taken care of.”