The Pocket Of This Ski Jacket Saves Your Phone’s Battery Life

I've got a pocket got a pocket full of battery life.

These are the glory days for the trusty ski jacket. What was once a quasi-down filled, lumpy shape that may or may not protect you from the elements depending on which way the feathers lined up on any given moment has morphed into a technological marvel that weighs 1/3 as much as it used but is about 4 times as warm.

But as great as the technological improvements are, the simple fact is that whether or not it’ll protect me up to -40C, there’s zero chance I’m heading out if the mercury drops below -10C. But thankfully there’s a technological innovation that even fair weather skiers like me can cozy up to. It’s Helly Hansen’s Life Pocket.  This little insert on several HH Jackets is “engineered with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel and keeps your pocket three times warmer than traditional ski jacket pockets.” And that little pocket of warmth—it’s crafted with state-of-the-art aerogel that was developed by NASA to protect electronics in space—means that your phone battery won’t be working overtime to keep the phone warm (click here for a rundown on the effects of cold on you smart phone). And that means you can make a reservation at David Hawksworth’s next pop-up at at Steeps (March 14) when you’re heading up Harmony (or I suppose call for help if you’re stuck off piste).

The feature has been available on these Helly Jackets since last year, but the company also just announced that you can buy a stand alone Life Pocket for your existing jacket (whatever the brand).