Local Gift Guide 2023: For the Pets

Delight your four-legged friends this holiday season with our selection of top-notch pet gifts, featuring everything from chic feeding bowls to interactive toys, ensuring your pets enjoy the festivities as much as you do.

Happy Pawlidays

No, your cat and dog do not know it’s the season of giving. That said, they do give you unconditional love all year long. (Also vet bills and poop to clean up… but hey, who’s counting?) Here are the best gifts to treat your pet with in 2023.

Super Bowl

Everyone else in the fam has their designated Yeti—why not your pet? The 4 Dog bowl has a non-slip bottom, and the stainless steel is both rust-resistant and dishwasher safe (and your pet will be happy to help clean it). $50, yeti.ca

Double Coat

It’s not Rover’s fault that you live in Raincouver. Get your dog this Blizzard puffer dog vest for the next atmospheric river: it’s fully waterproof and reflective, has a removable hood and is only a little bit humiliating for the wearer. From $76, woofconcept.com

Brain Game

Enrichment toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied (and make them smarter… apparently), and the Falcon puzzle toy from Fable Pets can hold both dry kibble and spreads—great for picky pups. $32, shopgoodboy.com

Playing Tag

Kissamo is a pet-tag brand based locally, and their recycled acrylic designs are made for Vancouver (think bubble tea, sushi and avocados). Our personal favourite is the Hot Dog tag—an apt choice for your dog, an ironic joke for your cat. $49, kissamo.com


Puppin’ Bottles

Is your Shih Tzu a sommelier? Weiner dog a wine nerd? Italian greyhound an oenophile? (We could go all day.) This wine barrel toy has three bottles for your dog to burrow after. Warning: it also has a pretty loud squeaker—you may need to cut them off. $21, barkingbabies.com


Canine Cookie

Treats are the universal love language for all dogs, and these Puppy Butters from Three Dog Bakery are a peanut butter dream—they look so good, in fact, they could easily be mistaken for human food (watch out, visiting uncles). $10, threedog.com


Pick of the Litter

Vancouver-based Tuft and Paw’s Cove litter box has an integrated hand brush, dustpan and scoop—it’s a design-forward solution for one of the messier parts of cat ownership. $199, tuftandpaw.com


This story was originally published in the November/December 2023 issue of Vancouver Magazine.