It’s Here! The Tiffany Diamond Hangs Out in Vancouver

At over 128 carats, it's a very fancy fancy diamond.

At over 128 carats, it’s a very fancy fancy diamond.

While we’re often second tier out here when it comes to first openings from the big guys—we’re looking at you, Nordstrom, when you chose to open in (ahem) Calgary first—Vancouver scored first dibs on viewing one of the largest fancy yellow diamonds in the world, in Canada for the first time.Originally over 287 carats, the Tiffany Diamond was purchased by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for $18,000 in 1878 in Paris. The company’s chief gemologist took a full year to determine the best way to cut it, resulting in today’s 128.54 carats with 82 facets. The Tiffany Diamond’s permanent home is at the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.It’s been worn by just two people—socialite Mrs. Mary Whitehouse in the ’50s (reasons remain vague on why she lucked out), and of course, Audrey Hepburn as part of the promotion around Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While Hepburn’s necklace was set in a ribbon design by Jean Schlumberger, the Tiffany Diamond was reset for the company’s 175th anniversary in 2012, and the setting on display at the Burrard Street store features a necklace of white diamonds totaling over 120 carats. (Don’t ask to try it on.)Whether or not you’re a bling fanatic, the stone itself is stunning—a museum-worthy piece that’s worth a little gaze time. Pop by the Burrard Street store any time from now until January 4, 2018 to revel in our luck to stare on a pretty piece of history.Tiffany & Co.723 Burrard Street