What’s On Our Editors’ Wish Lists This Holiday Season?

What the editors of Vanmag are hoping to find under the tree this year.

The only gift we really want this year is for you and all of your loved ones to sign up for a free subscription to the print edition of Vancouver magazine. But if you happened to want to pop a little something else for one of our editors under the tree—or are shopping for a special someone with editor-like sensibilities—here are a few suggestions.

The Vanmag Editors’ 2023 Holiday Wishlist

A Forest Green Puffer Coat to Help Me Chill Out

I don’t know what I’m doing that causes this, but every coat I ever own gets frayed at the sleeves. Is it a short-limb thing? Am I rolling up my sleeves to get to work too aggressively? Whatever my destructive habit, it looks like I’ve been chewing on the cuffs and, quite frankly, that is not the vibe I’m really going for. So it’s time to put my frazzled Baro raincoat into retirement and start a new (dry, warm) life with another. This Frank and Oak Hygge puffer looks like it’ll do quite nicely. Water-resistent (an obvious essential for a Vancouverite) and filled with vegan down, it’ll keep me toasty, and also hopefully calm and subdued enough to stop whatever weird subconcious sleeve-wrecking habit I’ve got. Who got me for Secret Santa this year? I say we change the spend limit to $500. —Stacey McLachlan, editor-in-chief

A Large Waterproof Bag to Level Up My Commute

Leaving my house means preparing for a day-long adventure, and packing my bag can sometimes feel like I’m temporarily running away. And this modern-day Ariel must be where the people are and therefore, out in the world ready for anything—weather, emergencies or the unexpected (Tide pens people, don’t sleep on these: they are a need not a want!). So my bag needs to be versatile, spacious, yet chica slouchier, rainproof version of Mary Poppins’ magical purse. Yes, I own such an impressive collection of canvas totes that it could be deemeda problem, but they lack practicality. Now in my 30s, I crave a bag with pockets and compartments to save time spent rummaging for essentials like chapstick or Tide Pens (I’m serious about these! They’re magic!). Enter the Rains Tote bag: sleek, waterproof, pocket-rich and stylish—a.k.a., the tote to rule them all. I know it’s a little pricey at $140 (especially because my tote bag price range has generally averaged around zero dollars), but having this kind of peace of mind while on the go is an invaluable weight off my shoulders (unless I overfill my bag, I guess). Besides, if you really loved me you’d get me this bag (never underestimate the power of guilt… or those Tide pens! They’re like magic little wands for life!) —Kerri Donaldson, associate editor

Photo: Lululemon

A Half-Zip Sweatshirt I Can’t Stop Touching

This sweatshirt is haunting me. Most of my clothing comes from thrift stores, so I’m pretty resistant to spending over $100 on athleisure, but every time I find myself wandering into a Lululemon—which is often, at this time of year—I find myself looking at the Brushed Softstreme ribbed half-zip. And touching it (it’s very soft). And imagining what kind of life I would lead in a $138 sweatshirt. It beckons. No, I would never buy this. But isn’t that what Santa is for?—Alyssa Hirose, managing editor

A Heeled Boot As Comfortable as My Birks

Alyssa scooped Lulu, and while I’ve been obsessing about their Wunder Puff Cropped Vest (so cute! so practical!), I’ll spread the love around, too. My other obsession: finding a great boot with a heel (part of a lifelong quest to look taller than my 5’4″ self) that feels as comfortable as my Birkenstocks do in the summer. The solution: Birkenstock boots, of course. These Ebbas apparently give you a lift without putting pressure on the ball of your foot, and as someone who feels like they’re walking on knives when they’re in heels for too long (damn my height preoccupation!), I welcome the kinder, gentler, Barbie-approved world of Birks. —Anicka Quin, editorial director