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Are you getting the most from your expertly cultivated and perfectly aged wine collection?

Elevate your wine collection with a luxury wine refrigeration system from Liebherr, available from Trail Appliances

Family members or good friend may be coming to visit, or you may be enjoying a quiet night in. Whatever your perfect reason is for opening a great bottle of wine, you’ll want to make the most of it. Whether you’re a seasoned wine lover or simply wine curious, you may not be aware of just how important proper storage and temperature are to allowing your lovingly cultivated, perfectly aged wine to develop its taste in all its fullness.

Consistently cool

Liebherr HW8000 available at Trail Appliances

Temperature determines a wine’s flavour, which means the incorrect temperature, humidity and light can influence the wine’s quality. Fine wines must be stored in specific favourable conditions to be a true joy to drink. Your precious bottles must be protected from UV light and all kinds of fragrances and odours. Even dry air and vibration can impair the quality of the wine.

Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Liebherr WS17800 available at Trail Appliances

Liebherr wine cabinets offer perfect, protective storage conditions with high interior humidity levels and innovative technologies that ensure protection against UV light and vibrations. The temperature can be adjusted according to whether the wine will soon be enjoyed or whether it is to be stored longer-term, and high-quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes and elite cooling components make them a fit in any space.

Here are three of our favourites, available from Trail Appliances. Each offers SuperQuiet virtually silent, speed-controlled, and sound absorbing compressors; SoftSystem doors that close automatically and gently to eliminate slamming, even when shelves are fully loaded, and a high-performance PowerCooling system that ensures newly stored wines are quickly cooled while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior.

A wine chiller for every taste

Liebherr MW 2400 available at Trail Appliances

Liebherr MW2400 – This built-in, 24-inch 11.3 cu. ft. three-zone unit is a superior product offering premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative features that best fit your lifestyle. Located on each wine shelf trim, customized labelling allows you to identify your collection. To protect wines from high-temperature fluctuations, the wine cabinet uses two temperature sensors in each compartment to help maintain precise temperatures—a feature unique to Liebherr.

Liebherr HW8000 – This is a 24-inch width, 70-inch-tall built-in dual zone fully integrated multi-temperature wine cabinet offers storage flexibility for up to 80 Bordeaux bottles thanks to its beech wood shelving and ten storage areas at varying heights, ideal for grouping different bottle types and sizes. A flexible clip-on labelling system ensures a clear overview of your wine collection or display your wines on the high-quality presentation shelf.

Liebherr WS17800 – This free-standing 28-inch 17.7 cu. ft. wine cooler satisfies your need for the smartest, most elegant way to store wine, in addition to adding a sophisticated flair when entertaining your guests. The intuitive electronic touch control panel ensures all functions are easy and convenient to use and guarantees that the settings selected remain accurate and constant. Solid beech wood shelves on telescopic rails for easy wine access.

Ready to perfect your wine collection? Discover Liebherr wine fridges at Trail and take your collection to the next level.

Everyday life made better

Liebherr WU 3400 available at Trail Appliances

Trail Appliances has one simple mission: to make everyday life better. Whether that’s finding the perfect washer-dryer combo to meet the needs (and laundry piles) of your growing family or figuring out what fridge will squeeze into your condo, the team at Trail will provide expert advice so you can choose the right appliance for your lifestyle, space and budget.

With the best selection in Western Canada, hassle-free delivery, and a price match guarantee so you always get the best deal, Trail makes sure you’ll love buying an appliance as much as you’ll love using it.

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