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Introducing the Next Level in Clothing Care

Miele's W1T1 washer and dryer is now available in Canada.

Miele’s W1T1 washer and dryer is now available in Canada.

If you’d rather be showing off your wardrobe than fussing over laundry, check out the W1T1 laundry series by Miele, a trusted name in home appliances since 1899. Recently released in Canada, the W1T1 takes doing laundry to whole new level, and has been factory tested to last for 20 years, like all Miele products.Wondering what could possibly make a washing machine and dryer so gushworthy? For starters, both the W1 washer and T1 dryer are ENERGY STAR Qualified. Automatically sensing washload size, the W1 adds the ideal quantity of water, and TwinDos, the W1’s automatic detergent-dispensing system, releases the perfect amount of detergent at just the right time during a cycle. The result? You save water and detergent, as well as the hassle of waiting and measuring. Likewise, the T1’s EcoDry feature senses when clothes are dry, so you won’t waste energy… or find damp clothes in the dryer.The ingenious W1T1 system also takes the guesswork out of caring for specialty fabrics. The W1’s exclusive CapDosing system uses a range of Miele-exclusive capsules formulated for cleaning specific fabrics, and thanks to smooth, small holes in the W1’s patented honeycomb drum, even the most delicate fabrics emerge snag-free.There’s more for busy Vancouverites to love about the W1T1 system, too, like the W1’s QuickIntenseWash option, which cleans garments to perfection in under an hour. You’re also covered if you don’t have time for ironing or trips to the drycleaner: simply activate the T1’s SoftSteam program, and a fine mist turns to wrinkle-removing steam, leaving your fabrics silky smooth. Ventless, compact, and stackable, the W1T1 uses a standard 120V plug and has an eight-kilogram capacity, making it suitable for any space and lifestyle.The T1’s laundry-scenting FragranceDos pods, available in Aqua, Cocoon, and Nature, bring aromatherapy into the mix, so laundry feels like more like therapy than a chore. Because we’ve all got better things to do than laundry, don’t we?For more information on the Miele W1T1, visit miele.ca, a Miele Experience Centre, or an authorized Miele retailer.