Miley Cyrus Said to Buy Ourselves Flowers… So We Turned to These 8 Vancouver Florists

Special occasion or not, these local florists are serving up gorgeous bouquets.

Valentine’s is behind us, but let’s not forget that flowers are an any-occasion-and-no-occasion kind of gift. Let’s face it: you can’t go wrong with a bouquet. Baby shower? Flowers. Graduation? Flowers. Anniversary? Flowers, you get it. That’s why locking in a list of go-to floral artistes for regular reference is of the essence. Read on for a rundown of some of Vancouver’s most talented florists so you’ll be ready to buy a blooming good gift any time at all. 

The Wild Bunch

1. The Wild Bunch

The women-owned Wild Bunch creates beautiful and thoughtfully sourced bouquets and arrangements, starting at $40. An all-pink rose bouquet is the perfect way to say goodbye to the month of love, but the studio’s mono-toned bouquets come in all the colours of the rainbow. Dried arrangements are available too, made from the flowers of your choice to last for years. (If you’re like me and always forget to water your flowers until they’re half-dead anyways, this might cut out the middle man.) Wild Bunch also runs floral design workshops if you care to try your own hand at the art of arranging: sign up on the website and let your talent bloom. 1525 West 6th Ave. 

Garden Party Flowers

2. Garden Party Flowers

From corsages to bundles of elegant ivory roses, Garden Party Flowers has you covered. Check out fresh cut bouquets and vase arrangements to pick your fave, or roll the dice with a monthly subscription and get new flowers delivered to your doorstep weekly. Consider the Sweetheart Moonlight arrangement for your bestie’s upcoming birthday: the blush and pink tones of cymbidium orchids create the sweetest “thinking of you” palette. 415 Industrial Ave 

Leis de Buds

3. Leis de Buds

Kitsilano’s Leis de Buds brings the Hawaiian art of leis and hakus to your doorstep with their available subscriptions, but despite the international inspiration, this floral boutique is focused on local, sustainable sourcing practices. Check out Leis’ gorgeous arrangements on their website (the Mood Booster is a vision of sunshiney yellow buds) or visit the blossom-packed shop: there, you’ll find an indoor swing among the blooms. 2202 W 4th Ave

Designer Blooms

4. Designer Blooms

With more than 20 years of experience arranging flowers for any special days and occasions, Designer Blooms practice a farm-to-hand approach, sourcing from responsible farms and helping communities along the way. Find fresh bouquets and arrangements (from $45), mixed blooms and dried bouquets, in every colour palette you can imagine. I’ve never been an orange kind of gal, but Designer’s Como arrangement with clementine-hued roses, dried golden rods and pampas grass make me want to personally apologize to the hue. 8321 Willard St., Burnaby

Celsia Floral

5. Celsia Florist

Celsia Florist specializes in weddings and events, but snagging an arrangement from its retail store (starting from $45) allows you to bring the celebratory feel home any day. Celsia’s bouquets are the perfect combination of colourful and elegant: the dried limelight hydrangea bunch might just be the start of a  flower addiction. 1930 Arbutus St.

The Flower Factory

6. The Flower Factory

The Flower Factory bouquets start at $45, with everything from hand tied boho bundles to over-the-top gothic-inspired arrangements available to take home. For that one friend that “hates flowers,” there’s the Factory’s Foliage and Greens bouquet: with nary a petal in sight, it’s still an artful way to show you care. 4285 Main St.

The Granville Island Florist

7. Granville Island Florist

Confusingly, Granville Island Florist is located on South Granville, not Granville Island, but you may be too distracted by the plethora of bouquets and wearable arrangements (are flower crowns making a comeback?!) to nitpick these geographic details. If a monochrome moment is what you’re after, pick up the classic GIF White Bouquet, perfect for every occasion and and big enough to impress any date with your elegant taste. 1513 W 8th Ave.


8. Bloomier

Bloomier is all about sustainability in the most dazzling way possible. They specialize in organizing the most beautiful floral events, all while avoiding single-use plastics, sourcing locally and reusing everything they can. You can even donate your flowers after the event if you wish, their amazing subscription service also contributes to their zero waste policy. The Signature is one of their luxury arrangements which makes a great addition to any event or home space, the combination of pink and white tones screams class, and smells amazing too, which is always a cute bonus with flowers.