New Store Obsession: The Chinatown Storytelling Centre’s Online Gift Shop

Gorgeous homewares, clever stationary and adorable socks await.

If you’re trying to spend less money, stop reading this now. Do not go to the Chinatown Storytelling Centre’s newly launched online gift shop and look at these ramen noodle socks. 

Foo Hung Curios Ramen Noodle Socks

Or the Baozi salt and pepper shakers, which come in their own little bamboo steamer. 

Foo Hung Curios salt and pepper shakers

Or this “you’re sweet” Asian snacks card. 

Foo Hung Curios Asian snacks card

The gift shop, called Foo Hung Curios, has been in operation since the Storytelling Centre opened last November, but the online store just opened today. Making it much easier to buy many adorable things and spent a lot of adorable money. Already, things are selling out fast, which proves that the rest of you have about as much self control as I do. 

The store has a ton of pretty plates available, plus the aforementioned printed socks and lots of candles, postcards and vases. There’s also art prints of local favourites that I look forward to plastering my walls with—case in point, this Phnom Penh print (it’s $15—come on). 

Foo Hung Curios Phnom Penh print