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Nugu Brings design-led, sustainable dinnerware to North America

Discerning chefs, restaurants and home décor enthusiasts are drawn to Nugu’s trendy, strong and safe dinnerware—delivered with sustainability and community-building at its heart.

Nugu Home was founded to create a sustainable future—for local Indigenous communities, and for the greater global community. Based on the values of empathy, collaboration and responsible production, Nugu’s micro-factory located in rural South India has, over the past five years, beautifully evolved into South Asia’s first forest pottery that handcrafts globally sought-after dinnerware in harmony with nature.

After creating a successful niche market with coveted hospitality brands, such as Marriott, Westin, Radisson, and Ritz-Carlton, Nugu is gearing up for the launch of its online shop that sells in Canada and the United States. “We are super excited to bring Nugu to North America and believe that design and sustainability conscious consumers here will love our fresh, modern and purpose-led product offerings,” says Sonali Sharma, co-founder, Nugu Home.

Quality, beauty and durability

After years of research, Sumanth Sampath, Nugu’s co-founder and product development head, who is also a ceramist, has developed a proprietary clay body that gives its products an ironstone edge, making it one of the strongest handmade dinnerware in the world. Designed ergonomically to survive the intensity of a commercial kitchen, this dinnerware can last generations in the home. Whether washed in the dishwasher or used in the microwave, this stoneware crockery and its beautiful organic glazes will endure.

Nugu Home has one of the largest collections of ceramic dinnerware forms, glazes, and textures in its online shop. For foodies, interior décor lovers and discerning homeowners who appreciate pottery, this is like being a kid in a candy shop. From earthy textures to sophisticated pastels, and from alluring midnight blues to the elegant blacks, there is a vast palette of color to choose from.

“Each product at Nugu is thoughtfully crafted by integrating bespoke designs with functionality and sustainability,” Sampath says. “Apart from using organic food safe glazes, we go the extra mile by adding a protective anti-microbial layer of nanoparticles to each product to make it the safest dinnerware to eat from, period. Because we care a lot!”

On one hand, the online shop features Nugu’s Occasional Dining collection, which has unique designs and intricate craft work that homeowners will be giddy to show off at their next gathering. On the other hand, there is the Everyday Dining collection, which owing to its minimal forms and subtle colours, makes everyday meals memorable.

Looking good, doing good

Nugu stands for building a sustainable future by promoting conscious production, social equity, and a green economy.

After more than a decade working in the global craft sector, Sharma and Sampath saw an opportunity to meet the growing demand for handmade ceramics, while positively impacting the Indigenous potter communities in South India, who were otherwise suffering due to the lack of infrastructure and consistent work opportunities.

Over the past five years, the Nugu community has created dignified jobs and skill development that have positively impacted over 150 craft families from five villages surrounding Nugu in Karnataka, India.

“Regardless of how we grow or what kind of products we develop, Nugu will always source sustainably, consciously create, and support the communities we work in,” Sharma says.

Eco-friendly, food-safe, and durable

Environment stability is of utmost importance to Nugu and is one of the company’s strongest values.

From responsibly and locally sourcing natural raw materials to recycling water and from using fuel efficient batch kilns to producing zero waste, Nugu believes in including environment focused approach to every step of production. The company’s environmental goal is to achieve net positive impact on the ecosystems around it, and this truly means leaving the ecosystems in which it operates in better condition than they were before.

“Over the past three years, we have planted over 30,000 trees around our micro-factory,” Sampath says. “We are sequestering carbon by building a regenerative agro-forest and by propagating no-till farming to create an overall positive impact on the ecosystem around us.”

Nugu is opening its online shop in November this year and is super excited to offer a special launch discount to Vancouver Magazine readers.

Visit | nuguhome.com/vancouvermagazine and use discount code NUGUVMB25 to receive a 25% limited time discount on your first purchase.

Let’s shop and gift sustainably with Nugu.

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