Personal Space: Josh Dunford


                                                                                    Image: Lucas Finlay

The Blueprint

Whether rethinking a logo, typesetting a book cover, or designing a website, Josh Dunford, 36, has produced media for brands like Microsoft, Lululemon, and Sony for 13 years out of his Railtown-based design agency Burnkit. “Ruminating on good design illuminates what a difference it makes,” he says. “I think it’s important to live with beauty and simplicity.”

1. Swap Meet

Much of the furniture and fixtures in his condo are traded goods, received in exchange for Dunford’s design services. Local furniture company Bensen, a client of Burnkit, produced the Canyon sofa where Dunford’s steadfast companion, Alfie, perches. On the coffee table is client Omer Arbel’s 28d tabletop light with snaking cord; the Object Outdoors planters on the balcony, custom-made to suit the narrow patio, were sourced by Falken Reynolds who designed the space.

2. Gallery Row

The art wall includes an indigo viaduct photo by Kristopher Grunert, a Jeremy Crowle self-portrait in sepia and black, and a yellow drawing by Brandon Thiessen, Dunford’s favourite local artist. The projector illuminates photographic work, or TV shows and movies, on the opposite wall.

3. Great Escape

The deer antler on the coffee table was brought back from Valdes Island where Dunford owns undeveloped waterfront property with an unobstructed 180-degree view over the Strait of Georgia to the city. “The wide-open landscape view is my remedy to dense city living.”