The Case For: A Weed Company With Style

Delta's Pure Sunfarms brings on the elegance.

It’s now been over two years since cannabis has been decriminalized and I think for the most part even the die hard antagonists have to admit that it’s been pretty benign. No kids running wild in the street, no sliding of society into moral depravity, and if we’re spending more time on the couch you can thank Covid not Afghan Kush. The only real complaint? For an activity that’s now completely legal, why do all the accoutrements looks so…dirtball?

To be fair, some retailers have stepped up their game. Two local operations, Muse and Dutch Love, have upped the shopping experience to a more refined exercise and as a result both are expanding quickly. But buying product has remained decidedly Doobie Brothers circa 1976. Which is why when we heard that our good friends at Glasfurd & Walker were working with a local Delta producers Pure Sunfarms producer, our heart skipped a beat (and no, not because we were high, because that calms your heart). We profiled the local design powerhouse a few years back when they were helping Seán Heather launch Open Outcry (you can read that article here) and we’ve been fans of their work for years—The Flourist, Savio Volpe, St Lawrence to name a fraction of the brands they’ve helped develop.

And their result is that this might be the first merch that one could wear to dinner with the folks. Or grandfolks. Part of the strategy is to partner with local artisans: There’s bespoke soap specialist Nectrous Botanicals collaborates on their Grower’s Hand Soap:

Palo santo from the amazing Woodlot:

and porcelain trays (calling them ashtrays seems wrong) from acclaimed ceramic artist Nathalee Paolinelli:

All this merch has just dropped at their newly launched Marketplace. And as for their other products (bearing graphics by Brooklyn-based artist Laura Garcia Serventi), you can buy them at you local retailer—we hear they work like a damn too.