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The Home Office Reimagined

There are many reasons people take their work home with them, and for some this is part of their new normal. Maximize your home office space with help from Arbutus Furniture & Closets.

These are the days of change. Adaptation and revitalization of interior spaces is no longer a dream but the norm as individuals travel less, work goes online, and offices move home. The good news is most interior spaces lend themselves to creating a work-focused oasis. There are, however, a few key points to consider: How does the average homeowner go about creating a comfortable and productive workspace? What are the best tips for making the space your own? Speaking of space, how can you maximize yours?

For answers and advice, we reached out the experts at Arbutus Furniture & Closets for the best tips and tricks for creating the ultimate workspace in any home.

The design team at Arbutus says the ideal work-from-home office can be just about any space thanks to furniture pieces that fold out of the way when they are not in use.

If space is an issue, consider that your room doesn’t have to be entirely dedicated as a working area. One of Arbutus Furniture & Closets’ recent projects included a den that was converted to house two desks, a record collection and a wine collection—multiple purposes for work and pleasure.

The future of the workplace is likely to include a hybrid approach to working at home and in the office, which means a home office can serve double purpose to maximize its utility.

A great option is a guest bedroom/office combo. In this case, the wallbed is put away most of the time and the desk can fold up or tuck into a cabinet. The room can also be used for exercise or as a quiet reading area.

The work from home trend has also affected households in which there was already a home office, yet people now find that they need two workspaces.  Or students who are typically away at university are finding themselves at home and needing a dedicated functional space for online learning.

Some households originally had one person working at home in an open space like in a kitchen or great room, but now that more people are occupying the space in the daytime, they need solutions.  

Having a contained, quiet place to take calls, that is clean and crisp, is essential now.  Functionality and aesthetics are important, and the design team at Arbutus can help bring all of their customers’ ideas to fruition.

Innovative new products are being used to maximize the versatility of the spaces—items such as a cabinet door that doubles as a magnetic white board and tack boards can have custom fabrics to match any space. Undercabinet, energy efficient LED lighting can help create an efficient, creative working environment. Concealed charging stations can be installed inside drawers to help keep cable and device clutter on the desktop to a minimum.  Think about streamlined storage to keep printer, stationary, and other items out of view on conference calls, or filing cabinets concealed within a wall unit to maintain the cohesion of an interior design. 

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