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What’s in Your Dream Kitchen?

For Julie Hale of Edmonds Appliances, it's all about the Combi-Steam Convection Oven.

For Julie Hale of Edmonds Appliances, it’s all about the Combi-Steam Convection Oven.

Sit back and think of your perfect new dream kitchen, if money were no object. Convection oven, silent dishwasher, French door fridge, gas range, wall ovens, wine coolers—all of these are necessary in any self-respecting fantasy kitchen. Unless you’re a professional designer though, you might be surprised to find out your kitchen wish list isn’t finished, by a long shot. Just for starters, wouldn’t it be wonderful to come downstairs every morning and just grab your morning skim milk double latte with extra foam right from your sleek built-in programmable coffee and espresso machine? Or to know that you will never have to put your nice hot food onto a cold plate again when you can just pull all your dishes right out of the under-counter warming drawer and onto the table?And that’s just the beginning. There’s a new oven on the market that promises to make your life easier, healthier and more convenient (not to mention making your kitchen the envy of all who are lucky enough to pass through).“I’d say that the ‘best new thing’ going into high-end kitchens these days is the Combi-Steam Convection Oven,” says Julie Hale. As Manager of Edmonds Appliances in Vancouver, she is extremely knowledgeable about appliances. As an appliance supplier to luxury properties like Vancouver House, Shangri-La and The Residences at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Edmonds can outfit any home kitchen from apartment-sized to ultra-luxe mansion, and from a modest budget up to sky’s-the-limit.The Combi-Steam Convection Oven allows the versatility of convection cooking, healthy steaming, or a combination of both. “You can use this oven to roast two chickens at once, or you could cook an entire dinner of soy glazed salmon, coconut rice and summer green beans for the whole family in 15 minutes,” explains Julie. Owners also love the steam feature for reheating leftovers without drying out the food, thus retaining nutrients, moisture and texture. You may never microwave again. “This oven encourages cooks to think ‘beyond broccoli’ when it comes to steaming,” she says. “Some favourites of mine include individual omelets, melt-in-your-mouth baby back pork ribs and chocolate lava cake.”edmonds_001Edmonds has many Combi-Steam Convection Oven models to choose from. From premium manufacturers like Wolf and Miele, to affordable luxury brands such as Bosch and Jenn-Air, there’s a combi-steam oven to fit every kitchen and budget. The Edmonds showroom is a clean, sleek space that showcases a carefully chosen selection of brands and models based on customer feedback and service records. Says Julie, “Only products with a history of high performance, ongoing customer satisfaction and lowest incidence of repair are offered to our clientele.”Edmonds’ knowledgeable, non-commission sales team can help you work out which appliances are perfectly suited for the way you live, as well as the style of your home. The fact that Edmonds owns their own extended warranty company ensures that your investment is protected and the models you are looking at are the ones that need the least amount of servicing. And when you finally make your choice, your new appliances will be delivered by the courteous, careful Edmonds delivery team.Your dream kitchen could be a reality sooner than you think!