Cyber Monday: Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox wanted her design-your-own shoe website to aid shoe-lovers that could never find just quite what they were looking for. Having two university friends (now co-founders) that worked at Google certainly sped up the process, and so Shoes of Prey was born in 2009.

Since the launch of the online store, more than four million shoes have been designed on, a sizeable fan base Nordstrom fancied for themselves. The reason we’re telling you now? Because the first ever Shoes of Prey design studio just launched at Nordstrom Bellevue, and they’re having a 20 percent off sale on all black shoes until December 3rd.

Perks of making the trip rather than ordering online include sample shoe sizing, with colours and fabrics on hand. Feel free to use our Border Control Guide to get down there, and lose yourself in exquisitely made-to-measure shoes that will fit all your deepest footwear desires–or fetishes. Not to worry, there’s also staff on hand to help you create your designs; we’re not asking Jimmy Choo to step aside just yet.


 Above: Mike Knapp (CTO), Designer Janie Bryant, Jodie Fox (CCO), and Michael Fox (CEO)