Fine-Jewellery Biz Mejuri Lands in Vancouver for Week-Long Pop-Up

For a limited time, you can shop the Toronto-based label's dainty bling IRL.

For a limited time, you can shop the Toronto-based label’s dainty bling IRL.

You may have not heard of Mejuri, but you’ve definitely seen the brand’s delicate gold and sterling-silver jewellery on Instagram. In just four years, the Toronto-based fine jewellery company has racked up nearly half a million followers on the social-media platform, winning over folks who prefer their bling dainty, minimalist and, above all, relatively affordable. And Mejuri is happy to oblige, serving up designed-in-house gold-vermeil necklaces, stacking rings and 14-karat solid-gold hoops that won’t turn your skin green—nor drain your bank account in one go.

Its secret is a direct-to-consumer model that cuts out markups related to wholesalers and retailers—basically the same thing that’s allowed companies like Warby Parker and Casper to thrive. And like those buzzed-about businesses, which began as online-only entities, Mejuri is now entering the brick-and-mortar sphere—first with showrooms in Toronto and New York City and, now, a week-long pop-up shop in Vancouver.

But what is Mejuri? (In a literal and perhaps slightly philosophical sense.) And what can you expect to find at the the brand’s temporary boutique? And, also, if you’re already a fan, is Mejuri planning to open shop in Vancouver permanently? We took our burning Qs to Aila Morin, Mejuri’s marketing manager.

Inside the pop-up shop for Toronto-based fine-jewellery label Mejuri.

VanMag: For those whoare unfamiliar with Mejuri, what is it?

Aila Morin: Mejuriis fine jewellery for everyday. It’s accessible—you don’t have to feel guiltyabout buying it for yourself. We’re priced in an affordable category thatranges from $10 to $2,000, so you can always find your sweet spot. And you don’thave to sacrifice quality for price—you can wear something that’s solid 14-karatgold that’s not going to turn your fingers green and keep it for years to come.

VM: What makes Mejuridifferent from other fine-jewellery companies?

AM: We are direct to consumer, which means there are no wholesale and retail markups. We also do Monday editions, where we release new pieces every single week. I think the fact that we market to women is pretty revolutionary, too. It’s easy to take for granted, but if you think about traditional jewellery marketing, you picture something like a man and a woman kissing in the rain. And it’s kind of nice when the narrative is you can buy this for yourself. Of course, women were already doing this, but, this way, it’s more open and celebrated.

VM: How would youdescribe Mejuri’s design aesthetic?

AM: Chic,minimal, everyday. There are some pieces that are bolder, but all of them essentiallygo with anything you wear. So it’s kind of a thoughtless process when you getdressed: you can put a pair of earrings on that you know is going to go with everything else. And they’re dainty enoughthat they’re layerable, so you can make it really personal and customized.

The ring bar at the Mejuri pop-up shop in Vancouver.

VM: Where are Mejuri’sproducts designed and made?

AM: Everything is designed in-house in Toronto. We have a dedicated product team and we launch 52 editions a year—so upwards of 200 products. We manufacture in a lot of different places: in Toronto, in Korea, in a few other countries in Asia. We work with whomever is the best at manufacturing a particular material. For example, in South Korea, there are experts in sterling silver, so we go there. We do some batches of 14-karat gold pieces in Toronto.

VM: What can people expect to find at the Mejuri pop-up shop?

AM: The pop-up is made up of our best-selling items in Vancouver—you’ll find that Vancouverites definitely prefer daintier pieces. We’ll have a ring bar there, which stocks a variety of our rings—like our Diamonds Open Ring and Mini Signet Ring—in different sizes so people can touch and try on each one. For earrings, there’ll be stuff like our 14-karat hoops and small diamond studs that you can mix and match. There are a variety of chains and pendant necklaces, too. And we’ll be doing lobe piercings on-site everyday from 2 to 7 p.m., which will be free with the purchase of earrings.

VM: Why is Mejuri coming to Vancouver now?

AM: Vancouver big market for us in Canada. I think the city has a preference for luxury products, but also an awareness of ethical production and consumption. The Vancouver customer is super discerning: she has a lot of questions, and we love that because we try to be really transparent in terms of where things come from and what you’re actually paying for.

VM: Are there plans to open a permanent Mejuri showroom in the city?

AM: Never say never.

Sterling-silver jewellery at the Mejuri pop-up.

Mejuri Pop-Up Shop

When: Wednesday, March 27—Wednesday, April 3
Where: Little Mountain Shop (4386 Main St.)
Hours: Open daily, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.