I Went to the Dish Du/er Warehouse Sale This Morning and Stocked Up

So now I'm telling you about it (and they're re-stocking all weekend).

So now I’m telling you about it (and they’re re-stocking all weekend).

I’m not one for lining up, which is a problem because I’m not one for paying full price either. The conflict between these two solitudes sees me in a fashion stasis that only gets roused by either urgency (Jesus! I need a tuxedo by Thursday!) or something very special.I’m letting you in on one of those special somethings (after I’ve helped myself first, but still). We’ve written about Dish Du/er before in VanMag (a few times) and I’m a fan. It’s a local company, with an actual local storefront, run by people who seem cool and down to earth. All of which wouldn’t matter much if their jeans and khakis weren’t so flipping awesome. Prior to getting my first pair as a gift from my wife, I was a hard acolyte of Levis Made and Crafted, which at the time were all handmade and quite (like $250+) pricey (they’ve since slunk downmarket and are no longer any great shakes). But the first experience with performance denim (it moves, it gives, it forgives) made me an immediate convert to having a little give to my jeans. Most of their jeans are in the $140 range—not bad really.But once a year they have a warehouse sale where jeans for men and woman are either $50 or $25 (some shorts are $10) and that’s enough to get me standing in a line. Seriously—they’re not an advertiser and I don’t actually know the people who run it other than a stray email every two or three years—but these pants are transformative. So much so that they’re worth standing in line for, and that’s saying something.So here she is:They replenish daily, and for men the best selection is 33 inches and under but there are sizes up to 40.