Say High to All Day Breakfast, Vancouver’s Newest—and Coolest—Head Shop

The design-obsessed folks behind the website Craigsbest are aiming to elevate cannabis consumption with a range of fun and functional goods.

The design-obsessed folks behind the website Craigsbest are aiming to elevate cannabis consumption with a range of fun and functional goods.

Tall terracotta vases, chic vegetable-tanned leather pouchesand hot-pink catchalls shaped like a pair of voluptuous lips. At first glance, theobjects that populate the shelves of All Day Breakfast may appear mostlydecorative, but take a closer look and you’ll discover that they’re designed—beautifully,at that—to cater to a growing, thriving population in B.C. (pun intended): the recreationalcannabis user.

The terracotta vases, in fact, are ceramic bongs crafted by the San Francisco–based (and Vogue-approved) Summerland. The leather pouches are locally made zip-up cases with designated storage space for lighters, joints and rolling papers that you can carry incognito on the go. And the modeled-after-mouths catchalls? Acrylic rolling trays created by Vancouver’s Studio A-OK, the lifestyle brand and design agency that owns All Day Breakfast.

“Traditionally, cannabis accessories have been stuff you putin a box and shove under your bed, under your sink. And you don’t really seethem,” says RJ Hunt, one of three cofounders of Studio A-OK. “We try to carrypieces that are well designed—you’d want to show them off in your dining room,on your credenza.”

Indeed, it’s easy to mistake Studio A-OK’s concept store, All Day Breakfast, as a design-forward lifestyle shop that offers a curated mix of fashion and decor goods. And, in a way, that’s exactly what it is, though Hunt and friends Patrick Campbell and Darcy Hanna are, first and foremost, aiming to elevate the millennial cannabis user’s consumption experience with fun, aesthetically pleasing products that may be used to build “the bar cart equivalent of cannabis.”

Think two-toned glass pipes, millennial-pink one-hitters, stainless-steel joint packers etched with the words Pot is fun and magnetic-closure packs of rolling papers adorned with funky ’60s- and ’70s-inspired graphics. Elsewhere in the modest East Van space are disc-shaped glass pipes in calming shades of amber and lavender by the Victoria-based Laundry Day and bongs modeled after plastic Gatorade bottles and Nike Air Maxes (no, really!) from Australia’s Gatorbeug. These objects are analogous to tumblers, cocktail shakers and ice buckets on the so-called cannabis cart: an attractive collection of tools that facilitates the social and recreational use of pot.

“We just want there to be nicer gear available to people who use cannabis,” says Hunt, who also runs the website Craigsbest, which curates Vancouver’s best Craigslist furniture listings, with Campbell. “They don’t have to be wild or over the top—just elevated.”

Also available at All Day Breakfast is Studio A-OK’s line of counterculture-influenced Ts, hoodies and caps—think “if Mies van der Rohe went to Woodstock,” describes Campbell—which have been happily embraced by stoners and non-stoners alike. There’s a small selection of magazines, too, and accessories by Canadian designers like 12Twelve and AW by Andrea Wong. The whole space feels playful, intimate: a modern, community-oriented concept that champions indie makers and offers an alternative to dated head shops and chain cannabis retailers like Tokyo Smoke.

“We look for good design and things that tell a story,” says Campbell. “We feel really proud to support our peers in this space, people who are trying to make it as well.”

All Day Breakfast

1326 E Georgia St.

Hours: Open Monday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday by appointment