7 Thoughtful Details to That Will Bring Your Vancouver Wedding to the Next Level

Once the big stuff is set, it's time to add the wow-factor. The wedding planners at Vancouver-based Sweetheart Events share top trends for 2023 and beyond.

After all the major decisions are nailed down (date, venue, person you’re marrying, etc.), it’s time to sort out the details: those extra-special touches that set your big day apart. We asked Stephanie Reitsma, owner and wedding planner at Vancouver-based Sweetheart Events, and her team what modern couples are doing to make their weddings unique. Here’s your guide to the tiny tweaks and daring details that will make your celebration extraordinary.

7 Extra Details to Give Your Wedding a Wow-Factor

1. Switch Up the Ceremony Formation

Consider switching up the traditional positioning of the wedding party: if your half of the party stands on your partner’s side, and vice versa, you’ll be able to see their faces better. You can rethink the officiant’s placement, too: “If the officiant is standing in the aisle, the couple is encouraged to look at everybody during the ceremony,” says Reitsma.

In this photo, Reitsma herself officiates a wedding from the aisle. Photo: Christine Pienaar Photography

2. Rethink Your Drinks

“You could name your signature cocktail after your pet—or you could go beyond that,” says Reitsma. Libations are a great opportunity to add unique touches: “This is your permission slip to get creative.“ She and her team suggest wine pairings with dinner (choose bottles that are meaningful and share why) or changing the game with a late-night signature cocktail—espresso martinis are always a hit.

moscow mule cocktails

3. Pay Your Florals Forward

“Lately, a lot more people are choosing to be more sustainable and are donating their flowers post-wedding,” says Reitsma. Vancouver non-profit Repeat Floral will pick up your used bouquets and donate them to a local seniors home—find them on Instagram at @repeat.floral. 


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4. Hire a Content Creator

This isn’t for influencers only: taking behind-the-scenes photos and videos to go along with your super-polished photography is a great way to preserve those wedding memories. “It helps capture the feelings and emotions,” explains Reitsma. Vancouver-based company Your Wedding Bestie has social media content creation packages for weddings that start at $595—check them out at yourweddingbestie.ca.

5. Make Musical Moments

Reitsma’s team suggests asking guests for their own wedding songs and playing them during the cocktail hour or dinner. Another idea to help personalize your big day? If the event involves a long walk from one space to another, curate a walking playlist and provide a QR code to unlock the tunes. 

6. Don’t Bust a Move

Dancing isn’t an essential reception activity—if hitting the dance floor doesn’t feel fun to you and your partner, consider an alternate crowd-pleaser. “One of my weddings is doing Rock Band [the video game] and karaoke because they’re not huge dancers,” notes Reitsma.

a bride singing at her wedding
Photo by Olive and Bean Photography

7. Change Into Something More Comfortable

Changing from a wedding dress into a reception dress is becoming more common, but there’s another quick-change trend on the scene.
“We’re seeing cowboy boots, graphic tees and full-on bride and groom sweatsuits,” says Reitsma.

Close up photo of a bride wearing cowboy boots under her wedding dress

This story was originally published in the July/August 2023 print issue of Vancouver Magazinefind the digital issue here.