BREAKING: Team Behind Savio Volpe Opening New Restaurant in Cambie Village This Winter

The new Italian restaurant, Elio Volpe, comes from the crew behind Osteria Savio Volpe, Caffè La Tana and Pepino’s Spaghetti House.

Banda Volpi (the team who brought us Osteria Savio Volpe, Caffè La Tana and Pepino’s Spaghetti House) has some exciting news to share this morning—this winter, they’re adding another restaurant to the family. Elio Volpe (“close cousin to Savio,” according to a release) will open in the Cambie Village in winter 2023.

Progress pics from Elio Volpe. Photo by Ian Lanterman.

Here’s what we know so far: the restaurant is opening in a former mechanic shop, it’s being designed by the local restaurant design icons at Ste. Marie Studio (so you know it’s going to be beautiful), the menu will be PNW-heavy (“bold and briny,” says the team) and the progress images they’ve sent along so far are truly intriguing.

While most restaurants might send along restaurant design renderings, pics of the most-anticipated dishes or a snapshot of the team, Elio Volpe is kicking off its public image with a variety of construction-meets-ingredients photos. It’s weird, and we daresay, wonderful.

What says ‘our-Italian-restaurant-is-opening-soon’ better than a box of bright lemons photographed alongside a stack of drywall, or a spectacular crab perched atop an industrial spool of… cable? Wire? Is this crustacean helping build the restaurant? Is that legal? Is he required to wear a hard hat, or will his god-given PPE do?

Photo by Ian Lanterman.

Jokes aside, we’re super excited for this restaurant opening: risotto al limone with sea urchin; grilled giant prawns with salsa verde; and squid ink linguine al granchio e vongole with Dungeness crab and jalapeño are all dishes you can expect to see on the menu (and Roman-style pizza, too). Owner/operator Paul Grunberg, operations director Jason Cisneros and culinary director Phil Scarfone are hard at work getting the space ready for opening.

Okay, last one: here’s a chicken on top of the pizza oven. Let’s clucking go.

Osteria Elio Volpe

540 West 17th Avenue
Opening this winter