Cult-Fave Milk Bar Just Opened in Nordstrom

The shopping experience just got a whole lot sweeter.

Foodies, dessert lovers and sweet-toothed shoppers—it’s time to celebrate. Award-winning New York-based bakery, Milk Bar, just arrived here in Vancouver inside the Pacific Centre Nordstrom (where currently you can indulge in a mid-shop cocktail before you try on too many pairs of jeans). Personally, I’ve always been a firm proponent of having my ‘little treats’ while I shop, so this news is huge for me (sorry Cinnabon, you’ll always be my first).  Since 2008, the founder of Milk Bar, Chef Christina Tosi (creator of the desserts program at Momofuku) has been leaving a mark on the dessert scene with her unique assortment of baked offerings that are as whimsically Pinterest-worthy as they are tasty. This new Milk Bar location is bringing with it its full sweet (and sometimes savoury) menu.

Soft Serve ice cream with sprinkles
Credit: Milk Bar 


Compost cookie in cellophane package
Credit: Milk Bar

To start, there’s an assortment of unconventional (and some gluten-free) cookie flavours like Confetti, Cornflake Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow, Blueberry and Cream and Corn (yes, corn!). The popular Compost Cookie (pictured above) is a sweet and salty fan favourite for those who want it all (but hate having to choose). At $4.25 each, these cookies are fuel for a shop around the ol’ Nord (a ‘Strom and stroll?).

Full birthday cake
Credit: Milk Bar

There’s also a cake for any occasion (no judgment if the occasion is “not spending more than $400 at Nordstrom”). Think classics like Birthday and Chocolate Birthday and fresh takes like the Apple Cider Donut Cake—but don’t wait too long, as the donut cake is only available til December 1st. The cakes are 6″ at $69 dollars or can be bought by the slice for $12.

Package of three truffles in cellophane
Credit: Milk Bar

Next up: truffles. They come in packages of three in all the same flavours as the cakes but with all the convenience of being a little cake ball you can pop in your mouth (for a classic shop and chew).

Single slice pumpkin pie with powdered sugar dusted on
Credit: Milk Bar

No matter where you land on the pie versus cake debate, Milk Bar has you covered with its signature Milk Bar Pie and the limited-time-only Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie — another treat only available til December 1st. You can get it by the slice for $8.50 or take it home and pretend you baked it yourself—a lie that will set you back $64.

Soft serve in Milk container
Credit: Milk Bar

Don’t forget the infamous Cereal Milk and Chocolate Cereal Milk soft serve, a dessert that will make you regret never having finished your cereal milk growing up. These nostalgia-inducing sweet treats are $7 a cup. Revisiting your childhood in flavour form? Priceless.

For more information on all the sweet treats, visit Milk Bar.