Downlow Burgers and Street Hawker Teamed Up for a Limited-Time Smash Burger

Don’t pass on this smash burger from these beloved Main Street joints this summer 

Get out the wet wipes because a new limited-edition smash burger is coming to town. 

Main Street’s Downlow Burgers and Street Hawker are smashing their styles together to create a new summer burger: The DL Hawker Royale. 

Credit: Rich Won

For $19.95, this beast of a burger features two Wagyu smash patties married with charcoal tallow, house-made salted egg yolk cheese, Downlow’s fried chicken skin, sliced heirloom tomato, shredduce, and Hawker sauce. 

With the combination of fresh vegetables, Southeast Asian flavours, and crunch from the fried chicken skin, chefs Doug Stephen of Downlow Burgers and Justin Cheung of Street Hawker are bringing together the best of both their burger worlds into one sandwich. 

Credit: Rich Won

But, even the best burgers aren’t complete without the right accompaniment. So, the two burger kings have also created the Fries Royale ($8.95). Customers can choose to add on these truffle-dusted crispy crinkle fries with truffle sauce, or special add-ons at each location.

The DL Hawker Royale is taking turns at both its parent restaurants for two weeks only. Try the smash burger at Street Hawker from June 14 to 23, and then revisit the smash-ness at Downlow Burgers from June 28 to July 8.