The Anh and Chi Team Just Announced They’re Opening a Mysterious New Restaurant Next Door

The only thing we know for sure at this point is that it'll be delicious.

We’ve already had Anh and Chi on our minds lately—it’s one of the contenders for Best Vietnamese in this year’s Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards (surprise, surprise). So for a second, we thought it was just a hungry hallucination when we learned that the siblings behind the beloved Mount Pleasant restaurant are opening a new, second room called Good Thief next door this summer.

Siblings Vincent and Amélie Nguyễn run Anh and Chi, and now, Good Thief.

Vincent and Amélie Nguyễn are being a little vague about what Good Thief (3336 Main Street) will entail, other than it’s a “culmination of our lifelong passion” and a “bold complement to Anh and Chi.” We’d venture that it’ll be a more experimental take on Vietnamese cuisine, given the amount of times that the two are dropping phrases like ”unique flavours” and “the depth of Vietnamese culture” and “unexpected culinary journeys.”

Other intriguing but un-specific details from the press release:

  • “Daring new concept”
  • “Setting a new benchmark for dining”
  • “Create lasting memories”
  • Many photos of unnamed cocktails and also peppers

We’re curious, to say the least, but also confident that whatever happens when Good Thief opens its doors will be crazy delicious. Maybe we should grab a table at Anh and Chi to keep our eye on the situation first-hand? Meet you there.