The Survey Results Are in: What is the Best Patio in Vancouver?

You spoke, we listened: the results from our "What Makes a Perfect Patio" survey are now live.

We knew when we posted the survey that patios are precious to Vancouverites. Heck, there are only three solid months a year where our fair city can truly flex just how incredible the culture of sitting outside while drinking and snacking really is.

But we’re not here to only talk about how stunning our (temporarily) sunshine-y city is, we’re here for the stats. Scroll down to find out what you all really think makes for a perfect Vancouver patio.

Results: What makes a perfect Vancouver Patio

TLDR? Sun, shade, food, drinks, kids, no kids—everyone wants something different but we can all agree on one thing: patios are amazing (except for that one person who responded saying patios are bad? Guess we always need to account for an outlier.)

41.4 % of respondents prefer a ground-floor patio

Not going to lie, I was surprised by this. Sure, overall it’s a pretty even split, but I thought “secret” patios were going to take the cake. I mean, don’t all Vancouverites love bragging rights on finding the new, best hidden thing? Or is that just me?

Most respondents love umbrellas

As Vancouverites yes, we want the option of sun but we also want a nice, steady amount of shade to protect us from it. Too much sun is well, too much. We’re not known as the city of balance for nothin’. (We’re not, but it sort of tracks, right?)

Speaking of balance it’s almost an even split: the number of people who want their patio in the hustle and bustle vs. far away from foot traffic.

66% of respondents say they sit on a patio every chance they get

Such a big portion heading out to eat, drink, sun, repeat as often as possible. With a measly 1.9% who find the sun, well… gross. Thus, making patios gross to them in the process. As I said before, this is a survey! We needed outliers! That’s what technically makes this very official.

72.3% of respondents prefer to patio during happy hour

Leaving the other times in the dust. Though, not to blow up my own personal move here but this does seem like a hot tip for those looking to snag a primo patio spot during non-peak hours.

You all voted on where you believe the best patio is… and the winner is…

… Giardino!

Known for its lush, garden-esque patio, the Tuscan restaurant swooped the votes.

Honourable mentions include:

Bar Susu

Bar Tartare

Chop Steakhouse and Bar


Dockside Restaurant

Last but not least: we’re here for the primo patio-gossip—the inside scoop on vancity’s fave past time (outside of complaining about the rain).

See below for the best (and most repeated) hot-takes we received:

Patios should be reservable.

Not nearly enough patios.

Need more street level patios for people watching.

Why do patios always have the hardest chairs? (Solid point!)

Large windows are not a patio. (Also, a really good point)

But the best comment of all: “It’s all about the vibes, baby.” I truly couldn’t have said it better myself.