Back for one night only: Fuel Restaurant

Fuel Redux 2016 will see a one-night revival of Robert Belcham's Kitsilano restaurant

Fuel Redux 2016 will see a one-night revival of Robert Belcham’s Kitsilano restaurant

November 29, 2009, marked the last time that Fuel provided Vancouver residents with its fine-dining fare. Since then, chef and proprietor Robert Belcham—alongside business partners Tim Pittman and Tom Doughty—has been working to satiate the people of Main Street and East Hasting with Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma, respectively. September 28, however, will be an exception. Taking a night off from the rustic Italian offerings that Campagnolo is famous for, the restaurant will be stepping back in time for those who have missed Fuel these past seven years—and for those who know Fuel only by its name and reputation.The Redux will mark the 10-year anniversary of Fuel’s opening. Involved in every step along the way, from the conceptualization to construction to design, the event will pay homage to the restaurant that was, as Robert Belcham describes, the culmination of all his culinary dreams. Although closed due to the economic downturn, Fuel was a restaurant that introduced much to Vancouver’s fine-dining scene, including an exposed kitchen and snout-t0-tail cooking. Belcham believes it is due for a comeback.Exterior 1The event has seen the reassembling of much of the original Fuel staff, both in the kitchen and in the front of house. Diners will enjoy a nine-course chef’s tasting menu, thoughtfully designed by Ted Anderson, Jane Cornborough, Geoff Hopgood, Adam Johnson, Marc-Alexandre Mercier, Alvin Pillay, Adam Vaughan, and Belcham. The menu aims to “emphasize individual creativity while honouring the collaborative process and philosophy of ‘flavour first’” and will be rooted in local, seasonal food. “We’re very lucky that the terroir in British Columbia is incredible for growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables,” explains Belcham. “We try to find the best ingredients we can, and 99 percent of the time they come right from our own backyard because that is what’s the freshest.”Tickets are available exclusively at Campagnolo and go on sale September 1 at noon. Priced at $150 per person, wine pairings are offered for an additional $100. The pop-up accommodates tables of two to six, with seatings available at 5:30, 7:30 and 9:00 pm.FUEL - FINALFuel Redux 2016September 28, Campagnolo (1020 Main Street)