EAT! Vancouver Bao Bei x Edulis

A seafood menu to blow your brains.

A seafood menu to blow your brains.

1st – “Pintxos”

EdulisSupergilda with Cider Poached Txistorra, Mussel Escabeche, and Anchovy Stuffed OliveFresh Nova Scotia Snow Crab a la DonostiarraGaspé Scallop with Smoked Scallop Roe, Macadamia, and Pickled RhubarbBao BeiDungeness crab en gelée with ginger gel and scallionChawanmushi, prawn and pickled Sichuan peppercornsScallopy and shiso boudin with kabosu radish pearls

2nd – Salt Cod

Edulis“Salade Gourmande”Wild Dandelion, Fresh Porcini, Salt Cod VinaigretteCider Poached Foie Gras, Smoked Crab Apple Purée. Wild OnionBao BeiCharred humboldt squid, allspice scented pork meatballs, soffrito

4th – Halibut

EdulisChilled Halibut Cheek en GeléeBone Marrow-Bread Sauce, Salsa Verde, Red Wine Vinaigrette, and ChickweedBao BeiYuzu/douban escabeche of halibut, anise and preserved lemon gnocchi Parisienne compressed papaya

5th – Dessert

Valrhona chocolate mousse, sesame candy, banana