What You Should Be Eating to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

Yeah...those are Yorkshire puddings stuffed with corned beef.

Yeah…those are Yorkshire puddings stuffed with corned beef.

Arguably more indignity has been done to the Irish by well-meaning North American restaurateurs in the name of St. Patrick’s Day than by any number of English monarchs. Green beer and green velvet cupcakes! This year, maybe underplay your hand and opt for some Celtic-inspired fare that’s not gimmicky—like these Yorkies (that’s Yorkshire puddings, stuffed with corned beef and sauerkraut and topped with horseradish cream). They’re from the low-key Irish outpost that is the Forkhill House, which has taken over the former Fat Badger space on Alberni and remade it with equal dashes of quirk and Cork.

Forkhill House

1616 Alberni St.forkhillhouse.com