Flaky, Fluffy and Freaking Delicious: Vancouver’s Top Fry Bread and Bannock

Fry bread fanatics, rejoice! Here are some of the best places in Vancouver to find this tasty Indigenous treat (and up your carb game).

If you’ve never tried it before (where have you been?) bannock is the best thing since sliced bread… because it’s sliced bread but waaay better. For those who aren’t in the know, fry bread and bannock are traditional Indigenous breads that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And let me tell you, they’re like a warm hug for your taste buds.

Spoiler alert: I’m Métis so I’m biased when it comes to loving the stuff, and I often find it difficult to get my bannock fix (plus it never quite tastes like how my mémère used to make it). So I’ve compiled a list of some of the best fry bread and bannock in Vancouver so that we can all enjoy this buttery, flakey Indigenous treat whenever we want.

Credit: Salmon n’ Bannock On The Fly (Pictured)

Salmon n’ Bannock (1128 W Broadway)

Oh boy, have you tried Salmon n’ Bannock? You’re in for a treat. This Indigenous-owned and -operated restaurant is serving up some of the best bannock dishes in Vancouver. Not only is the food amazing, but the restaurant itself has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But its bannock is truly out of this world: fluffy, yet crispy on the outside. It’s perfect on its own or with butter and jam ($5) (baked to the size of a hockey puck and with a rotating berry jam) or try it in a meal, like the Urban Smoked Salmon burger ($22), served on signature bannock with lemon aioli, house-made pickles and your choice of sweet potato wedges, coleslaw or mixed green salad. There’s also a special Uber Eats menu so you can have your bannock hand-delivered to your door (what a time to be alive!). Do yourself a favour and get yourself a Salmon Salad Bannockwich ($15)—you’ll thank me later. salmonandbannock.net

Credit: Bannock Queen Bakery

Bannock Queen Bakery (Delta B.C.)

If you’re looking for bannock that’s as light as a cloud (yes, really), head to Delta’s Bannock Queen Bakery. Or, have it come to you: they offer free shipping, so you can have your bannock and eat it, too. You can also catch Donna Lee, the bannock queen herself, at local farmers’ markets, serving up her original recipe (it’s sugar, dairy and yeast-free) along with some mouth-watering variations (I’m looking at you, sweet bannock). For dinner, try the bannock taco meal kit for four ($45) (fresh bannock, chilli and taco sauce included) or make it yourself with their Instant Bannock dry mix ($8). And, don’t forget to add a pemmican stick to your order—Canada’s protein stick! The official website launches on March 19th, but you can get your bannock fix today. bannockqueenbakery.ca.


Credit: Mr. Bannock. (pictured) (Left) Classic Indian Taco ($14) (Right) the Venison Bannock Burger ($18)

Mr. Bannock (Food Truck)

First of all, Mr. Bannock has his own app, merch and theme song (“Mr. Bannock’s on the Block“). But beyond the amazing marketing and general cool factor, the mister has some tasty treats that he dishes out from his food truck. It’s like a party for your taste buds: traditional Indigenous cuisine but with a modern twist. You’ll find things like the award-winning classic Indian taco ($14)—made with fresh fry bread, house chili, cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapeno and cilantro—or the venison bannock burger ($18) that’s like a love letter to your mouth. There’s even a classic bannock mix (500g, $10) you can take home with you and bake, fry or stuff with whatever you’d like for a chew-your-own-adventure style treat or try their recommended recipes. If you see Mr. Bannock’s truck out in the wild, don’t pass it by (unless you like regret… I don’t know, it’s your life?) mrbannock.com

Go support local Indigenous businesses by enjoying the tastiest food—that’s what I’d call an easy win-win. Happy fry breading, feasting folks!