This Porterhouse Steak is Big Enough to Feed Three People

Umberto Menghi is back... and he brought bistecca all fiorentina with him.

Umberto Menghi is back… and he brought bistecca all fiorentina with him.

Of the many reasons to salute the return of Umberto Menghi’s Giardino, our favourite is that he brought bistecca all fiorentina back with him. The dish—a two-pound porterhouse, sliced off the bone and served atop arugula with Parmigiano shavings and a drizzle of olive oil—is Tuscany’s entry into the culinary pantheon. And while the price (an oddly precise $99.85) seems steep, remember that it feeds two to three, and if you were to buy the exact same from Cioffi’s (where Umberto gets his), it would set you back almost $50, so it’s actually sort of a deal.luis-valdizon


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