PSA: Nightingale Pizzas Are on Sale at Legend’s Haul!

One of the best frozen pizzas we've ever had.

OK – full disclosure. Before I press publish on this, I’m going to make sure that I have my order safely in so that no one swoops in and scoops up the last remaining pizzas from my grasp. I know that sentence sounds like something a villain would say in an old-timey James Bond film, but so be it.

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More disclosure. I don’t get to Nightingale much these days. When I’m planning in advance, it’s usually for work and when I want to do spur of the moment, it’s always full. A great problem for them no doubt, but it’s one of a handful of spots (Savio, Kissa Tanto) that always seem oversubscribed. And as for takeout pizza, my local pizza spot—Corduroy Pie—still remains mired in decoupling themselves from their highly opinionated partner and the other two standbys, Sprezzatura and Bufala are just that much further from my house.

So when I first got this frozen version of the Nightingale pizza it was a hedge. Of course it wouldn’t be as good as the real thing, but hopefully it wouldn’t suck. Those were my expectations. 

It does not suck. In fact, I think it’s the best frozen pizza I can remember having. Ever. You unwrap it from it’s cool minimal packaging, put it straight on the oven grates and I’m not kidding you when it emerges it’s better than 93% of the fresh pizza in this city. And it tastes fresh, with proper ingredients and a minimum of additives.

This normally is the part in a local food product write-up when the other shoe drops. We’ve all read about some hot sauce that sounds amazing (like us here) only to find out it costs $20. And while I’m sure it’s amazing, I’m sadly not in the market for $20 hot sauce. So when I saw these pizzas on sale at Legend’s Haul for $13.50 – it was go time. And now that’s I’ve got my fill, feel free to have at ‘er.