West’s, er, Glass “Sculptures” are Being Auctioned For Charity

We're vibrating with excitement.

This is a difficult post for me to write. Firstly because I’m sad to see the legendary West close its doors for good. And secondly I don’t know how to get through this entire post about West selling their famous long, thin translucent glass sculptures for charity without mentioning what every single person remarked the first time they saw them. “Whoa, those things look like ******* .”

Contrary to popular belief, they weren’t *******, nor were they inspired by *******. They were the product of an entire restaurant refresh by the acclaimed Bricault Design, the powerhouse firm that was responsible for the look of My Shanti, the new Vij’s and Campagnolo amongst many others. But I venture not even Vij’s iconic neon elephant has the name recognition or staying power of West’s glass “sculptures.” They served to demarcate the dining area from the main walk through of the entrance off Granville, and they were able to keep the space both functional and light and airy with the only curious by-product being that, once seated, they remained at eye level, bolt upright, standing guard over the course of your lunch or dinner. Never flagging, never wilting. Sentinels. They just happened to look like *******.

But sophomoric jokes aside, hats off to TopTable for using what could be a sad occasion—the closing of a beloved institution—into a source for good. Earlier this month they invited David Hawksworth to stop by for one final turn in the kitchen and to say thanks they donated $5,000 to the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Program. Now they’re auctioning off the distinctive glass sculptures to benefit Prostate Cancer Canada. The bid form is here and as everyone who’s ever been to West knows, the sculptures comes in a variety of sizes (just like humans). The bidding will be open until December 31st, but really wouldn’t these make the perfect Christmas gift? Something that says, I know you love food and I’m sorry for taking so many business trips in one fell swoop.