9 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Easter

Warning: sweet treats and puns ahead.

Warning: sweet treats and puns ahead.

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? A hot cross bunny!Okay…now that the jokes are done, it’s time to prepare for the barrage of “Hoppy Easter” greetings and anthropomorphized baked goods that come with this time of year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the delectable treats that you can get throughout the city, bunny-shaped or not.

1. Chez Christophe

This year, Chez Christoph has a delicious (and adorable!) array of Easter goodies. The chocolate bunny-topped choux pastry is filled with strawberry-lemon confit and rhubarb gel; the tropical carrot tart is made with coconut, lemongrass namelaka, pineapple marmalade and mint-pineapple compote. We had the difficult job of sampling these at our office the other day—gosh, sometimes our jobs can be tough—and let us tell you, they are gooood. 4717 Hastings St., Burnaby

2. Soirette

The decadent macarons at Soirette are served on a stick—what a way to reinvent the cake pop! These mango and milk chocolate macaron “chick pops” (seriously, so cute!) have landed just in time for Easter snacking. 1433 W Pender St.

3. Beta5

Beta5 goes above and beyond with these rainbow, geometric Easter eggs—the large ones (mama eggs, if you will) are filled with 18 of Beta5’s luxe take on the classic mini egg—flavours include strawberry-almond, coconut and peanut butter. 413 Industrial Ave.

4. Gem Chocolates

Gem has a selection of parading chocolate chickens and artisan Easter eggs stuffed with cocoa-dusted almonds, but you can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate bunny. Do you eat the ears first, or save them for later? 2029 W 41st Ave.

5. Thomas Haas

There are 19 (!) items in Thomas Haas’s Easter collection, from truffle lollipops to special Easter stolen and everything in between—including these hazelnut praline chickens that look like they’re gossiping: “Honestly Linda, Mr. Haas has been working us around the cluck this year.” 2539 W Broadway; #128–998 Harbourside Dr., North Vancouver

6. Temper

It’s the time of year when chicks and bunnies and pigs become friends—and drive race cars. And no one thinks to ask how the bunny got its license…or why that carrot is clearly on steroids. Perhaps they’re oversized because they’re stuffed with an assortment of caramel, chocolate and marshmallow Easter eggs? There’s only one way to find out. 2409 Marine Dr., West Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy Flour Bakery.)

7. Flour Bakery

This classic homestyle bakery is supplying the North Shore with some sweet-and-simple iced sugar cookies (available this year at all Delany’s locations, Le Petit Cafe in Delbrook and Andrew’s on 8th). They’ll also be selling the cookies at their very own Horseshoe Bay bakery, along with delicious themed cupcakes. 6363 Bruce St., West Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy of BjornBar.)

8. BjornBar Bakery

These carrot cake bars (complete with a cinnamon cheesecake topping—delish!) are fit for the Easter Bunny. Or if you’re a fan of marshmallow, the Edgemont Village café and bakery is serving up homemade peeps, chocolate-covered marshmallow carrots and cake-pops in the shape of a bunny’s bottom (no joke). #102–3053 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver

9. Butter Baked Goods

Hot cross buns are pretty much synonymous with Easter—and there’s no better way to buy them than fresh out of the oven from Butter Baked Goods. The best part about picking them up from a bakery rather than the grocery store? The buttercream frosting cross on top! 4907 Mackenzie St.

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