Broadway Q+A: Beauty and the Beast


With the opening of the Walt Disney classic tonight at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, we caught up with Jillian Butterfield (Beauty) and Ryan Everett Wood (Beast) to see how the tour is going so far.


Have you ever been to Vancouver before?

JB: I have briefly, and absolutely loved it, so I can’t wait to be back.

REW: I have not been yet, but I’m so excited to check another ‘must see’ city off my list; I’ve heard amazing things.


We have a lot of different cuisines here, what’s your favourite type?

JB: I love so many different cuisines, but if I had to choose, I would choose Mexican food. I would love some recommendations for any cuisine! (NB: we pointed her in the direction of La Taqueria)

REW: Food is a biggie for me, I love all kinds of food. I’m always in the market for great Vietnamese Pho and any kind of food truck.


Do you like the outdoors? We have some mountains here you could sing on à la The Sound of Music.

JB: Don’t tempt me! But I do love the outdoors. Our whole company loves doing activities outside and we try to as much as possible.

REW: I grew up rock climbing and canoeing with my father so I’m always down for a good adventure. I’m not as good at spinning and singing while on a hillside like Maria, but I’d love the chance to try!


Where’s the craziest place travelling theatre has taken you?

JB: Germany; I worked for Disney Cruise Line and got to be a part of the opening team of a new Disney ship. We flew to Germany to get on the ship where it had been built and stayed there for 3 weeks.

REW: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was on the international tour of Shrek The Musical and we did a summer of traveling all around Asia. Such a beautiful city and rich in culture, not to mention they are all huge Shrek fans; we felt like rock stars performing there!


Jillian, what is Ryan’s most beastly habit? And his most beautiful?

JB: He keeps candy in his dressing room and sometimes I will go back for seconds, or thirds… His humor and laughter are definitely his most beautiful features, so much fun, onstage and off.


And what about Jillian, Ryan? Beastly or beautiful?

REW: When it comes to food, Jillian doesn’t mess around. Don’t be fooled by her petite stature, that girl can eat! She’s also always the first one to stop what she’s doing and check-in with you, such a fantastic scene partner, but an even better friend.


Beauty and the Beast
February 3 – February 8
Queen Elizabeth Theatre