5 Feel-Good Things to do in Vancouver This Week (Nov. 26 – Dec. 2)

Bookworm, bartender or boot buff – we’ve got you covered.

(Photo Credit: Tim Matheson.)

Get Jolly

November 28 – January 6

For the sixth year in a row, the East Van Panto is putting a contemporary twist on a classic tale. This year Theatre Replacement is tackling the Wizard of Oz, giving Dorothy and her trio of friends a lower mainland makeover. When a pipeline bursts, the red-heeled heroine is thrust into the land of Oz (Nanaimo and Hastings), and embarks on a journey to the emerald-est city around (Poco, obviously). The quest for heart, brains, and yoga pants proves there truly is no place like home.When: Wednesday, November 28 – Sunday, January 6Where: York TheatreCost: From $24More Info: thecultch.com  (Photo Credit: Centre A.)

Step Up

November 28

November is like the Thursday of the year, and you definitely deserve a break. If you can’t decide whether to unwind with a cup of tea, a fancy cocktail, or some hardcore retail therapy, no fear – Centre A’s John Fluevog Shoe Party is here. This boot bash is a fundraiser for Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Artisan distiller James Lester and tea master Olivia Cheung have crafted two signature tea cocktails (including an Oolong and Amaretto fusion) especially for the event, which aims to celebrate and expand public access to contemporary Asian art.When: Wednesday, November 28 7:00 p.m.Where: John Fluevog ShoesCost: From $24More Info: centrea.org  (Photo Credit: Caitlin Press.)

Rock-a-bye Gayby

November 30

This week, local writer, editor and proud queer mom Sara Graefe continues her book launch and nationwide tour of Swelling with Pride, a collection of queer conception and adoption stories. This collection celebrates the diversity and strength of queer families and includes true stories from over 25 LGBTQ+ writers. From at-home conception to medical intervention to adoption to the millennial “gayby” boom, this concert of tales is loud, proud, and baby-fresh.When: Friday, November 30 7:00 p.m.Where: Massy BooksCost: FreeMore Info: facebook.com  (Photo Credit: Richard King.)

Be Bitter

November 30

Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner, attending a fancy party, or mourning the fact that another year has passed and you still haven’t gone skydiving, ran a marathon or learned how to properly hardboil an egg, it’s probably time for you to take your holiday cocktail game to the next level. The Stanley Park Ecology Society’s Bitter Truths: Festive Flavours event will teach you everything you need to know about artisanal alcohol infusions. With the help of some ethically sourced plants native to Stanley park, your drinks will have more layers than your coziest winter outfit.When: Friday, November 20 7:00 p.m.Where: Stanley Park Nature House on Lost LagoonCost: From $25More Info: stanleyparkecology.ca  (Photo Credit: Geoseph Domenichiello.)

Choc it Up

December 2

Is your love of chocolate purely physical? Do you really understand the complexities and chemistry of your beloved, or are you engaged in a superficial fling? Get to know chocolate in a more intimate way at master chocolatier Geoseph Domenichiello’s  Taste the Science of Chocolate: Bean to Bar Explained workshop. At this workshop, you learn about types of cacao, cacao growers and makers, and taste chocolate at different points of the chocolate-making process. Hey, if you can’t handle it at it’s worst, you don’t deserve it at it’s best.When: Sunday, December 2 1:00 p.m.Where: L’Atelier CoworkingCost: $55More Info: geoseph.com