5 Things to Do at Home in Vancouver This Week (April 27–May 3)

1. Listen to the Polygon Podcast

Hey, culture vultures: the Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver just launched a podcast featuring local artists. The first episode, which aired last week, stars Audain chief curator Helga Pakasaar and Jonah Samson (who’s an artist and a doctor—you can have it all!). It’s fair to say that they’re still working out the kinks of the medium, but personally, I was charmed by the show’s opening line: “Did you just say that the Internet is new for you?” This week’s episode features Polygon director Reid Shier and chef Dave Gunawan of Ubuntu Canteen. It’s new, it’s local, and it’s definitely something to do.

More Info: thepolygon.ca

2. Speak to the Manager

Isolation has many of us yearning for the olden days, when you could walk into any mall and have your hands gently massaged by a Lush employee who also complimented the exact thing you were feeling insecure about that day. Sigh. Well have to wait a little longer to be caressed by sweet-smelling strangers, but Lush is now offering one-on-one phone consultations. According to their press release, “hundreds of managers desperately miss interacting with Lushies,” so be prepared for some hyper-bubbly human interaction.

More Info: lush.ca

3. Eat Chocolate for Lunch

OK, maybe dont do that. But stick with me for a second. While weve been watching trash documentaries and giving our sourdough starters middle names, Beetbox and Beta5 Chocolate have been conducting what might be COVID-19s weirdest collab since the celebrity Imagine video. The new Beetbox pantry pack comes with BLT fixings (including seitan bac-un that is honestly very good) and an Eat Your Veggies chocolate bar, the lovechild of a chocolatier and a vegan resto. Its dark chocolate with beet chocolate sprinkled with beet, carrot and parsnip chips. There are no rules.

Cost: $28
More Info: beetboxveg.com

4. Bust a Move

Wednesday, April 29 from 12 p.m.–6 p.m.

In case youve lost track of time, this Wednesday is International Dance Day. Local nonprofit Small Stage is giving isolated folks a way to celebrate with a full day of free online classes and two free online dance shows. You can check out the full schedule here—classes include tap, jazz, bellydancing, Highland and more. Everybody remotely dance now.

Cost: Free
More Info: smallstage.ca

5. Get Superpowers

Thursday, April 30 to Saturday, May 2

After an extremely successful first run, Rumble Theatre is putting on nine more performances of Good Things to Do, an immersive theatre performance you can experience at home. The show uses live and recorded sound to create a unique dreamscape in which participants (that’s you) have superpowers. It must be experienced alone, so audience members in the same household are encouraged to shut themselves in separate rooms with separate computers for the duration—so yeah, it’s avant-garde as hell. The new show dates arent on Rumble’s website yet, but we found tickets up for grabs at eventbrite.com.

Cost: $5
More Info: rumble.org