Our Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2018

You guys really like food. We get it.

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what will resonate with readers. While we have our own list of favourites over here at the office, it’s not always easy to predict what people will flock to. So while there are some obvious ones on the following list of our most-clicked stories (number one wasn’t exactly a surprise), there were a few surprises to be found in the rubble of the year that was. If you’ve got a favourite that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments below!

10. 6 Main Street Restaurants to Try Right Now

If there’s one thing we know about VanMag readers, it’s that they love food. If we know two things, it’s that they love Main Street just as much.

9. Why Won’t Anyone Buy Michelle Pfieffer’s House?

Was it the $28 million price tag? Is it the fact it’s in the middle of the B.C. wilderness? Whatever the reason, judging by the readership numbers, it looks like you were as intrigued by the mystery as we were. (Photo: Studio Jeanie.)

8. The 12 Best Wedding Venues in Vancouver

We started covering wedding content this year, and it looks like it was the right move: the data has revealed that Vancouverites looooove love…and finding a beautiful local place to celebrate it.

7. The 2018 Power 50 List

In 2018, power isn’t found just in the hands of boardroom bosses and high rollers: it’s also wielded by Vancouverites who are moving the dial in quieter—but equally meaningful—ways. Here’s our list of the 50 most powerful people in the city. Jo Fortes.

6. The Best Rooftop Patios in Vancouver

In the dead of December, it’s hard to remember why you would ever have wanted to Google “best patios,” but when the sun does visit the city, this is critical info to have. Cafe Medina. (Photo: Amy Ho.)

5. The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Downtown Vancouver

Though downtown Vancouver can feel a little daunting to neighbourhood dwellers—yes, you do have to cross a bridge to get there—those willing to step outside their own 10-block radius are in for a treat, as this comprehensive list of must-try restaurants proves. (Photo: Ariana Gilrie.)

4. The 10 Best Neighbourhoods in Vancouver

We weren’t just playing favourites here: we worked with data journalist Chad Skelton to dig up the cold-hard facts, and he measured, quantitatively, which neighbourhoods scored highest on the livability index. And it turns out that West End is, in fact, the Best End. But nine other great ‘hoods were right on its heels. (Photo: Edge Catering.)

3. 8 Affordable Vancouver Wedding Venues

Now that weddings cost as much as a down payment on a house, financially responsible brides and grooms are looking to save a buck wherever they can…and this list of eight stellar local venues proved to be a great starting point.

2. Opinion: Dîner en Blanc is Deeply Uncool

Our food editor Neal McLennan opened up a real can of worms with his takedown of the popular summer pop-up event. Masayoshi, our Best Japanese winner for 2018. (Photo: Christin Gilbert.)

1. Our 2018 Restaurant Award Winners

As always, our annual Restaurant Awards story comes out on top. With 30-plus categories and winners, it’s no surprise it’s where Vancouverites turn when they’re feeling hungry for the best the city has to offer. Did we miss out on any of your favourite stories? Let us know in the comments!