How a Vancouver Burlesque Dancer Spends Her $40,000 Income

Looking good isn’t cheap.

Name: Crystal PreciousAge: 35Gross salary: About $40,000Founding member of Sweet Soul Burlesque, Precious has been a mainstay in Vancouver’s underground for more than a decade. A consummate hustler, her gig list has included everything from running an underground nightclub to hosting a popular burlesque night at the (legitimate) Keefer Bar to releasing an album. These days, Precious is expanding her skillset beyond performing to include a role as part-time creative director for an emerging startup.

The Monthly Bill

Income after taxes: $3,000

Share of Rent for a three-bedroom house in East Van …… $800(Lives with two roommates)

Phone plan from Rogers, plus data overage charge …… $193(“I got a fancy-ass Galaxy S7 and those f—ers got me on data, but my phone is sexy as f–k.”)

Internet, split with roommates …… $25

Dropbox account …… $13

Bank fees …… $14

Household items—toilet paper, laundry detergent etc.—paid for on a rotating basis with housemates …… $20(“I made us a chore wheel. I saw it on Portlandia.”)

Beauty products …… $100(“Hair dye, fancy creams and makeups. I spend at least that on beauty every month. Absolutely.”)

Debt repayment …… $500(“I’m still paying for the last album I put out, which ended up costing me about $5,000.”)

Integrative glucose and ozone treatments to treat a lower back injury …… $300

Mattress topper …… $230

Groceries …… $200(“I have a garden so I barely buy any produce and I only eat happy meat.”)

Costumes and makeup for the Bass Coast Project music festival, where she emceed …… $244

Alcohol and festival “treats” …… $132

Festival supplies: food, gas and camping gear …… $204(“I usually have one big expenditure per month and I really like to get out of town.”)

Bus fare …… $40

Total Spent: $3,015

The Remainder: -$15(“I rarely have anything left.”)

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