Finally! Cocktails You Can (Sort Of) Feel Good About

The Black Bamboo pop-up bar combines two of Vancouver's favourite things: craft cocktails and cold-pressed juices.

When you step off the main streets and wander into downtown Vancouver’s back alleys, there’s usually not much to be seen or heard other than a wall of dumpsters, broken glass and a stream of commercial trucks. But now, if you take a detour behind 1219 Granville street, you’ll find a door that conceals a new bar serving juice cocktails (because Vancouverite’s love juicing) alongside live entertainment.

Black Bamboo, one of Vancouver’s newest pop-up experiences (open now through September 30), was envisioned by Commodity Juicery owner Carissa Campeotto and restaurateur Peter Girges of Opus and Pierre’s Lounge. And with live music of varied genres—from disco and ’90s tunes to downtempo jazz and hip-hop—and a frequently rotating list of cocktails, each night at Black Bamboo promises to be different.The best part though, is that you can maybe feel good about trying every drink on the menu. That’s because each of Black Bamboo’s specialty cocktails are made with one of Commodity’s cold-pressed juices. Known for their myriad health benefits—lower blood pressure, improved eyesight, weight loss, boosted immunity—each juice (or “potion”) is mixed with liquors and bitters to concoct a flavourful, fruity drink (read: pineapple margarita, whiskey sour cider and grapefruit cosmo). Which basically means they’re kind of healthy, right? Keep telling yourself that, at least.

Black Bamboo may be popping up at different locations around the Lower Mainland, but for select Thursdays each month, the lounge will be right at home in its back-alley location. And you better act fast—with room for only 150 people per night, a reservation (which can be made up to two weeks in advance) is required.

Black Bamboo

1219 Granville StreetSelect Thursdays, 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Until September 30