The Lido Is East Van’s Best-Kept Secret… and It’s Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary With a Party

Join the June 1 birthday bash with a not-so-secret concert and a throwback to their opening days with no cover and 2014 Happy Hour prices.

I’ve often said to friends that Vancouver’s live venues, particularly post-pandemy, are becoming as rare as Sumatran Elephants, babies named ‘Betty’ or the Princess Diana Beanie Babies—endangered and slowly disappearing.

So, when a true gem of a venue can weather the storm while maintaining its down-to-earth cool vibes and friendly neighbourhood spirit intact, it’s a cause for celebration. Let’s all give a big ‘happy birthday!’ cheer to Mount Pleasant’s enduring, excellent neighbourhood dive: the Lido, which turns 10 this month.


A sunny view of the entrance to The Lido, featuring its distinctive sign and address '518.' The wooden facade and large windows hint at the cozy, inviting atmosphere within, while sunlight creates a warm, welcoming glow.
Photo by Victoria Black
Cozy lounge area with a vintage ambiance, featuring dark patterned wallpaper, red velvet curtains and warm lighting from hanging lamps and wall sconces. Comfortable sofas and chairs are arranged around small tables, creating an inviting space for relaxation and conversation.
The Lido lounge area. Photo by Victoria Black

Since it opened back in 2014, it has been the go-to hangout for locals, cool indie kids, Tinder dates, random celebrity sightings (I once pretended not to recognize Tim Heidecker there) and those in the know. Importantly for culture vultures, it’s also where you can see some cool local and touring live shows on its intimate stage.

On any given night, you can catch DJs (Dandelion, BC Hydra and Rubber are their longest-running monthly DJ nights), discover a cool new band or some local greats (Pink Mountaintops, anyone?), or watch some great homegrown comedians (think: Sean Devlin, Nathan Hare and Juno winner Andrea Jin) before they become famous and inevitably end up in Toronto, L.A. or TikTok.

Close-up of a well-stocked bar with shelves filled with a variety of liquor bottles, including whiskey, gin and rum. The warm lighting highlights the bottles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Glassware is neatly arranged below the shelves, ready for use.
Photo by Victoria Black

Some things have changed over the years (it now accepts credit cards) but others have stayed the same (its outdoor patio remains the best-kept secret in East Van). But through it all, this tiny but mighty watering hole has kept its street cred, serving consistent cool for 10 years. To mark this milestone, it’s throwing a party and you’re invited.

On Saturday, June 1, the band Dada Plan is playing a special show there, and in honour of the good ol’ days, it’s going to be a throwback to when they first opened—with no cover, a cash-only bar and 2014 Happy Hour prices (think $3.50 drinks). The best part? Unlike most 10-year-old birthday parties, this one starts at 2 p.m. and runs ‘til the wee hours of the morning (2 a.m.).

For more information about the Lido’s 10-year anniversary party or to check out future shows, follow @the_lido or visit its very fun website:

Charming outdoor patio at night, featuring string lights hanging from a wooden pergola adorned with climbing plants. Cozy round tables with wicker chairs are arranged on the wooden deck, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for evening relaxation.
Photo by Victoria Black


A group of people socializing in a dimly lit lounge with elegant, patterned wallpaper. Warm lighting fixtures and decorative wall mirrors create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for an intimate gathering or night out.
Photo by Victoria Black