Vancouver’s Best Local Bars by Neighbourhood (According to the People Who Live There)

We asked Vancouverites, what's your go-to neighbourhood bar?

We asked Vancouverites, what’s your go-to neighbourhood bar?


“It’s pretty small and a bit of a dive, but the drinks are cheap, the atmosphere is chill and the clientele isn’t as young as at some of the other nearby bars. Plus, they have random things on their menu that you wouldn’t expect to find at such a hole in the wall, like frog’s legs and duck wings.”—Kristin McBurney, 30, science communications manager

South GranvilleTHE MARQUIS

“The Marquis is my favourite bar in the city. The staff are friendly and attentive, the drinks are cheap ($3.75 highballs daily) and the cherry-wood interior will make you feel like a sexy white-collar criminal. They’re even open until 2 a.m. on weekdays. South Granville is not known for being affordable or unpretentious; thankfully, the Marquis is here to fill the void.”—Max Mitchell, 35, student financial advisor


“The Bayside is a hidden gem with some of the best views the city has to offer. That sunken circle bar should be a protected heritage site by now. I have shared many a beer here with friends and I always bring my mom here when she visits to stare out at the sunset. It’s a blessing it’s on the second floor above the busy summer crowds. The tourists don’t even know it’s there.”—Steven Pollock, 45, furniture designer


“I really love Steamworks near Waterfront Station. It’s great for enjoying casual after-work drinks as well as for having a night on the town. Because of its different sections, you can have a different experience every time. I love it!”—Andrea Cotter, 32, senior aquarium biologist


“Our weekend carb load tradition happens at Yaletown Distillery Bar, where you can get fettuccine alfredo and a shot of vodka for 10 bucks. The bar also makes a mighty Meat Hook cocktail, if you’re so inclined. The room has a classic (Art Deco?) vibe and there’s always a loop of The Godfather going, so you can do your best Marlon Brando impressions while you eat.”—Andy Fang, 28, photographer


“L’Ab is widely considered one of the best restaurants in the city, but that isn’t why I frequent it on the regular. There is a beautiful and beautifully appointed bar right up front at street level with a never-boring view of Gastown. The cocktails are fantastic, the staff is amazing and whether I’m there with friends or not, there’s always an interesting conversation to partake in with great people from all over the world.”—Dario Meli, 40, entrepreneur


“Gone are the days of after-hours noodle houses and BYOB. to the Green Door, but the new faces on the block are keeping up with Chinatown history. Mamie Taylor’s late-night kitchen serves up great food alongside the Brown Derby—my favourite bourbon cocktail. (Though I also recommend the Ivanhoe for a cold beer and a show.)”—Diane Fatiaki, 55, chef


“When I’m looking for somewhere to get great beer with some nice nibbles, it’s a hop across the street for a pint of Naked Fox IPA at Main Street Brewing. A quick peek off my terrace lets me know if it’s crowded, in which case I grab a growler and enjoy the beer and view from my deck. If I’m looking for a G&T, I just get the bottle of Endeavour gin from Liberty Distillery that’s in the freezer and mix it with Fentimans tonic I picked up at Buy-Low.”—Kathryn Aberle, 62, retired


“When I want to grab a beer with a pal, I almost always suggest the Crow. Sleeve specials are great, drink selection is decent and there’s not a million TVs blasting TSN at you. Yeah, it’s a nerd bar, but that really doesn’t matter. It’s a good bar before it’s a nerd bar.”—Kody Huard, 28, archaeologist


“In the three years that we have lived in our increasingly dynamic neighbourhood, we have had absolutely zero problems with the craft brewery boom. At the Princeton, you get that great selection of the local beers with the pub that you know has been there long before the East Village banners were. There’s always a table, a great mix of people and live music that is just good enough and loud enough to keep it on the Hastings-Sunrise side of the railroad tracks, so to speak.”—Travis Woloshyn, 39, teacher/actor

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