Craft Beer Awards 2015 Winner: Best Other Lager

The word “lager” calls to mind a golden-yellow brew – even, at its most ubiquitous, the sweet, light-flavoured products of the worlds largest beverage companies. But lagers come in an impressive range of colours and subtle flavours. Traditional darks include the German dunkel, schwarzbier, and Vienna lager. These are as crisp as their golden counterparts, while presenting richer toasted and roasted malts, allowing them to pair well with grilled chicken and turkey.600x600_otherlagerGOLD:Okanagan Spring Brewery’s Brewmaster’s Black Lager(Delta)Roasted malts anchor this lager with subtle smoke, dark sweetness, and a touch of bacon.SILVER:Hoyne Brewing Co.’s Off The Grid Vienna Lager(Victoria)A red lager with resinous notes and some bitterness, finishing with nicely balanced hops.BRONZE:Vancouver Island Brewing’s Hermann’s Dark Lager(Victoria)Charred bread and biscuity caramel tastes lurk in this smooth Bavarian dark lager.